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8 weeks pregnant and having lower abdominal pain.
Am 8 weeks pregnant and yesterday night I started having really bad pains like if I was going have a...More
Posted by An_263977
Itching all over
Been itching all over from head to toe. Can't figure out why. Do pain pills cause this?
Posted by An_263896
Itching all over
Been itching all over from head to toe. Can't figure out why. Do pain pills cause this?
Posted by An_263896
Swelling and brusing
I don't swell or bruse normal. Broken coller bone and wrist compleat separation with no swelling and a yellow...More
Posted by jking112
lump on sons back
about a yr ago we noticed a lump on my sons back my husband thought it was muscle and i not so sure. We did...More
Posted by An_263355
HELP! Ongoing, increasing, diagnosed issues for 6+...
For me, it started when I was nine (fall 2006) and started getting a fever almost every day, with only a...More
Posted by amaranthais
23 year old female w/ SEVERE joint pain.
Hello there, I am 23 years old and I have severe joint pain. I am in tears everyday and struggle to go about...More
Posted by kbourgoin
Where or how can I get a medical diagnosis?
Hello! I have a condition that has dogged me for most of my life, and has gotten significantly worse as...More
Posted by oneinabillion
1.4CM Mass found on MRI of Brachial Plexus, but it...
Hello, I am a 29 year old female, and in December 2014, I underwent neck surgery. I had an Anterior Disc...More
Posted by overflow
Can habitual Marijuana use lead to a hormone imbal...
I have been using marijuana for 8 years, since i was 19, both medicinally for depression, also...More
Posted by sugarpunkfairy
Confusing Neurology Results...please advise
Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I recently had a VEEG done. I do not have...More
Posted by interestedsugoya
how can i conceive frequently
hello, me n my husband want to have a baby but its not possible since last 6 month. as my periods on...More
Posted by An_261517

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cant figure out whats wrong, and dr seems useless
so for many years, im not sure exactly, when i eat i sweat from my head and face. This is while eating non...More
Posted by boamedt
coming off anti-depressant meds
I was taking 37.5 mg of Venaflexaline for over five years. My dr said to just discontinue them and it would...More
Posted by An_261412
Dermatitis Herpetiformis pathology
I have been dealing with a horrendous rash/bug bites for the past six months. First biopsy that was taken of...More
Posted by An_261211
pain in right arm when trying to lift self up.
Heya,all. For the last few weeks I've been having a bit of a pain in my arm. At first, i thought it might of...More
Posted by aoijuuni
Potty Training
My Grandson is 40 months old and we started potty training right around his third birthday. He has #1...More
Posted by grandpacollett
Herpes or something else ?
I am a male and i was exposed to sexual contact with another male about 2 months ago. It was primarily just...More
Posted by ddylan26
Strep for two weeks has spread! Abscess on tonsil ...
I've been fighting strep for 2 weeks now. I first went to the ER late Wednesday night before Thanksgiving...More
Posted by tommyb80

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