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Erythema Annular Centrifugum
I was diagnosed with EAS when I was 19. I've had it on and off ever since. I am now 47. I have never...More
Posted by windy5
food and fitness planner
When I enter daily meal items, the summary section does not update with the new entries. The food log works...More
Posted by An_259051
low blood pressure
I was watching TV and everything started spinning and i felt like i was going to pass out. I'm 48 and in the...More
Posted by cklkdl
Why can I not take meds?
I cannot take meds - that is, my body reacts to everything I take, no matter the type, the dose, time of day,...More
Posted by An_258665
Bump on lower back?
I banged my back against the wall , and felt pain. The pain disappeared, but on the spot where the pain was,...More
Posted by An_258496
Colostomy odor
My wife had a colostomy a little over a year ago. Now whenever she showers in the morning I smell a really...More
Posted by An_258390

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Why is this happening?
  • leak in bag while showering
  • not covering stoma while in shower
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Stomach virus worse on day 2?
Has anyone's LO had a stomach virus that seemed to get worse on the second day? Baby girl woke up yesterday...More
Posted by kit73c
Cataract Surgery Question.
I've had cataract surgery and my vision, both day and night is worst than before I had it done. I still have...More
Posted by An_258370
MTHFR - Positive for two copies of A1298C mutatio...
Dear readers, I'm keeping my identity anonymous for personal reasons. I was diagnosed with MTHFR - Positive...More
Posted by An_258312

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If you have same mutations as me please share your experience. Please also let me know about your product that you have been using to deal with the disorder.
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  • HomocysteX
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fainting when seeing blood
recently I injured my hand and when my wife tried to assist me she fainted when see saw the sight of...More
Posted by phattiedaddy
nutritional supplements
A family member is using ID Life supplements. Has anyone here heard of them? Or does anyone know a good site...More
Posted by autumnv
Ear, nose, and throat
Symptoms over the past two days; Only one swollen tonsil- right side and very painful to swallow ...More
Posted by snowboard101
Scapula Pain
About seven years ago I took an awkward fall and landed with an uneven amount of weight towards my right...More
Posted by kep1989
Nutrition in fresh versus cooked and frozen foods ...
I would like to know what are some of the things that will diminish the vitamin content of fresh vegetables...More
Posted by autumninca
will my period be different with type 2 diabetes?
Posted by abitscared
Acute Stress Reaction (shakiness, heart palpitatio...
Does anyone else reading these discussions have this problem? How are you dealing with it (short of...More
Posted by car0linafran
Frustrated and unsure if doctor is needed
I'm exhausted, all the time. I'm itching constantly with no hives or rashes. Now scratching is making bruises...More
Posted by tayfam
Blood test results- what do they mean for an FMily...
Recently my psychiatrist (for depression, big surprise), that had some interesting results. #1 it cheesed off...More
Posted by An_255674
My Doctor Lied to Me! Please Help!!
My doctor lied to me about why I needed to be drug tested for my prescription. She first told me that my...More
Posted by acprince87
Early Period
I am currently taking ortho tri cyclen lo and have been taking it for almost 10 years now. My inactive pills...More
Posted by An_257301
shin pain
Good Afternoon, I fell about 2 1/2 feet and landed all on one shin. On a tree root. I can actually hobble...More
Posted by laura74help

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