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Acute Stress Reaction (shakiness, heart palpitatio...
Does anyone else reading these discussions have this problem? How are you dealing with it (short of...More
Posted by car0linafran
Frustrated and unsure if doctor is needed
I'm exhausted, all the time. I'm itching constantly with no hives or rashes. Now scratching is making bruises...More
Posted by tayfam
Blood test results- what do they mean for an FMily...
Recently my psychiatrist (for depression, big surprise), that had some interesting results. #1 it cheesed off...More
Posted by An_255674
My Doctor Lied to Me! Please Help!!
My doctor lied to me about why I needed to be drug tested for my prescription. She first told me that my...More
Posted by acprince87
Early Period
I am currently taking ortho tri cyclen lo and have been taking it for almost 10 years now. My inactive pills...More
Posted by An_257301
shin pain
Good Afternoon, I fell about 2 1/2 feet and landed all on one shin. On a tree root. I can actually hobble...More
Posted by laura74help
Itching and tiredness one day after exertion
Hi, I have developed a most disturbing problem that I can find no information on. The closest I have come to...More
Posted by johnericus

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