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I love learning more about healthy living. I love online community even more. At WebMD, two great things are blended together to make the Reese's cup of websites.

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Try this list of WebMD Moderated Exchanges sorted by health condition.More
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Include a Picture in your Post
If you want to include a picture within a post- (not the persona/profile/avatar...More
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Reply: Nuvigil
NUVIGIL tablets contain 50, 150 or 250 mg of armodafinil and the following...More
Reply: GI type question
I can't really speculate as I am not a doctor. Yes, they can happen that...More
Reply: GI type question
Keep your appointment. Most bowel diseases with bleeding don't have constant...More
Reply: need an answer
You need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis and proper treatment. It isn't...More
Reply: Scared
Intestinal gas can feel like baby kicking, especially with some GI disorders. I...More
Reply: waist line
Dr. Peeke, our diet health professional, recently blogged about waist...More
Reply: diabetic
You need to give the doctor a call about your results and ask. Since some of...More
Reply: Chantix
Call their support number and see. It is printed on all the packs of Chantix.