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I love learning more about healthy living. I love online community even more. At WebMD, two great things are blended together to make the Reese's cup of websites.

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Reply: Pulsating Knee
I would get it checked by your doctor. Women can have a variety of knee problems...More
It depends on a number of factors. Here is some information on Nipple Discharge...More
Reply: I am having worries about being pregnant
Again, you need to see your doctor about your serious symptoms--chest pain and...More
Reply: Heart rate
Our BMI Plus calculator includes appropriate heart rates for members based on...More
Reply: I have a soft tissue mass on my right leg just abo...
Have you seen your doctor? No one can diagnose over the Internet and it really...More
Reply: I am having worries about being pregnant
Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate and you haven't had intercourse so I would...More
Reply: Preventing HIV Transmission in breast-fed babies
Where are you located? In this country I would suggest looking into WIC, which...More
Reply: bug bites
My mosquito bites do the same thing, as do some of my children's bug bites and...More
Reply: My grandma's condition
UTIs can spread if not treated soon enough, are resistant to antibiotics or in...More
Reply: vaccine help
The DTap includes the tetanus vaccination (as well as diptheria and pertussis) ...More