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I love learning more about healthy living. I love online community even more. At WebMD, two great things are blended together to make the Reese's cup of websites.

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Reply: warts
That is something for your doctor to determine. Here is a link to our Skin...More
Reply: Can someone help me read blood test results?
We can't help you interpret the blood work here at WebMD. Know that many times...More
Reply: Excessive Night Time Itch
Goodness, that sounds horrible. I wish your doctors had an answer for you. Maybe...More
Reply: Zoloft for kids
I am sorry to hear about your step-son's struggles. Has the father talked with...More
Reply: my dog
If you have a pet health emergency please call your vet immediately or get your...More
Reply: disease or drug?
Without knowing the child and the disease diagnosed, no one could say. Only her...More
Reply: Occupational Dust and Sinus Problems
Have you talked to your doctor about a daytime antihistamine? Is there someone...More
Reply: harley1950
Read this information on Bed Bugs to learn more . In the meantime, call the...More
Reply: second trabeculectomy and cataract surgery
Welcome Rosanne. You should seek a second opinion with another eye doctor...More
Reply: Red bumps on face
It is impossible for anyone to diagnose you over the internet. I encourage you...More