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I love learning more about healthy living. I love online community even more. At WebMD, two great things are blended together to make the Reese's cup of websites.

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Reply: Prograf anti-rejection drug
Welcome. I understand your concern about generic medications. This FAQ...More
Reply: Angry and weak after sleep
Welcome! Ask your doctor about this problem. It could be any number of things,...More
Reply: Sleep Issues
Call and ask your child's doctor about this particular set of conditions since...More
Reply: how do i know
You can find information on Lupus in our Lupus Health Center . Our Lupus...More
Reply: swim or not?
You don't have to use one-but you may be more comfortable if you do. If you...More
Reply: I think I might be pregnant
Welcome. You don't say whether you tested for pregnancy or not. Try asking over...More
Reply: Heart Attack with clear coronary arteries???
Welcome. I encourage you to ask your question on our Heart Disease Exchange ....More
Reply: Sore throat on one side
No. First, you should never share any prescription medication. Second, you...More
Reply: Pain in lower ab & chest
Any time you have chest pain, you need to go to the ER. Do not delay.
Reply: Glass Splinter and Amputation
My guess is pretty low. I had a deep piece of glass in my heel that got really...More