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I love learning more about healthy living. I love online community even more. At WebMD, two great things are blended together to make the Reese's cup of websites.

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Reply: body temp
Welcome Becksterh. Here is some information on Fever in children over age 4 ...More
Reply: CHF
This is something you should as your doctor or pharmacist. Most medications like...More
Reply: Heart problems?
You need to see your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately. We are...More
Reply: my son sleep walks......
Welcome Muldoon! I have a sleepwalker as well. This article on causes of...More
Reply: pnemonia and babies
Welcome Hetch. Dr Adesman on the Parenting Exchange may be able to help,...More
Reply: Multiple Myloma leg weekness
Her doctor is the best person to ask about physical therapy and diet to improve...More
Reply: My son has been vomiting since he was born! He's ...
I encourage you to find a pediatric GI specialist for an opinion. It does sound...More
Reply: I have a question...
The best place to start is always your Primary Care Provider. It could be...More
Reply: Anal Bleeding
Depending on how you did this-you may have gotten an anal fissure or be...More
Reply: Bupropion (wellbutrin)
You can learn more about Buproprion in our Drugs and Supplements Library ....More