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trouble with legs
I am having trouble with my legs.I had a number of surgeries. It seems that ever since the surgeries not on my...More
Posted by lmailbag
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Question about Alternative Treatments for Migraine...
This is actually a question not a tip. Do you by any chance have this article in Spanish? I´ve been searching...More
Posted by Mkyc6
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My 5 year old son is experiencing leg pain
my son has been complaining about pain on his shin for quite some time... he doesn't cry or anything, but...More
Posted by Cyncity67
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When to Help Yourself from a BiPolar Partner
There is absolutely no reason that you stand for someone threatening you or throwing things at you. The...More
Posted by RoseAdam
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test tip
Posted by An_239986
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Siezure injury
I am a 45 year old male who has epilepsy. Unfortunately two days ago I had a siezure and bit my tongue. Its...More
Posted by An_239936
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Concerned :(
My fiance and i were moving some furniture from our old apartment into our new apartment, he later went to...More
Posted by Anon_40177
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I am a graduate of Bayero University Kano Nigeria, that conducted a research on BACTERIAL LOAD ON ATM, THEIR...More
Posted by bacte
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So I'm 20 years of age I play sports i eat pretty healthy and such. Last week I was with my girlfriend and...More
Posted by Anon_231146
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needle broke off in arm
trying to inject drugs in my arm and the needle broke off
Posted by An_224739
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I have some 40 mg Lipitor tablets that say discard after 01/2010 and 05/2009. Do they go bad?
Posted by isolatek123
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New to Site...
Has any one experienced pain (like sharp blunt pains & feeling like extreme muscle/tissue pulling...More
Posted by KADEE2012
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