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So I'm 20 years of age I play sports i eat pretty healthy and such. Last week I was with my girlfriend and...More
Posted by Anon_231146
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needle broke off in arm
trying to inject drugs in my arm and the needle broke off
Posted by An_224739
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I have some 40 mg Lipitor tablets that say discard after 01/2010 and 05/2009. Do they go bad?
Posted by isolatek123
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New to Site...
Has any one experienced pain (like sharp blunt pains & feeling like extreme muscle/tissue pulling...More
Posted by KADEE2012
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Grow Taller
My oldest son is 14 yo. His about 5'3 right now. My husband is 5'9 & I'm only 5'3 (on a good day). My son...More
Posted by yonose
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Large Intestine Blocked bowel
Seeking info on diverticulitis and obstruction of the large intestine........Spouse was in hospital for...More
Posted by Stephen0264
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does eating red meat cause leg pain?
Posted by sgullett
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Sunshine required
Avoid Sun is wrong. You need sunshine to open the VDR receptors and aid in the absorbtion of calcium for...More
Posted by hossenfeffer;
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Back Pain Relief
My tip for the back pain relief is totally free and you can do it with a chair. Try it, it might work for...More
Posted by petersonccc
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Heart beat
I have had my blood pressure checked 3 times last week and my heart beat is in the in the lower 40's Should i...More
Posted by An_224726
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I have been on birth control for about a year, and this week my doctor gave me a cortisone shot, supposedly...More
Posted by An_224724
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Eye Fatigue While Driving
I stumbled upon something really unusual that has made it possible for me to drive safely and this seemed like...More
Posted by Go5KMom
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