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Whаt Іs Тhіnsріrаtіоn?
Yоung gіrls trуіng dеsреrаtеlу tо bе thіn, wіll оftеn turn tо thе wеb fоr а dоsе оf...More
Posted by sfonseka
Reply: PCOS
Claims of 'cleansing' and 'detoxifying' is a bunch of crap. Crash dieting only causes your body to go into...More
Posted by carrie197837
Reply: Losing Weight and Healthy Recipes for Women with t...
Hi Orangedarts, I started using the Fitgirl app too! I've been trying to firm up my booty and found...More
Posted by meghanh80
Feeling unwell after workouts
Hello Exercisers, Is it common to feel somewhat uncomfortable and unwell not immediately but a few hours...More
Posted by Anon_34767
Odd chest pain with weariness?
So, for a day or two and in the past (usually just 2-3 days it happens then it disappears for a while) I got this...More
Posted by neoia
Breast augmentation at the age of 19
Hi! I've been looking into having breast augmentation for a while now. I've turned 19 and and have around...More
Posted by dawnwilcox
Sorry about the double post.
I am sorry about the double post.
Posted by An_260525
I need help ideas - long
I have a tumor in my left kidney, history of renal cell carcinoma with nephrectomy of the right kidney,...More
Posted by An_260525
I need help ideas - long
I have a tumor in my left kidney, history of renal cell carcinoma with nephrectomy of the right kidney,...More
Posted by An_260525
Irregular period 14 day cycle
I need help! I'm really tired of my of having my period every 14th day or so. I'm on birth control pills...More
Posted by chrismadsen
estrogen defficiency
I am looking for the bio identical treatment of estrogen problem. Dryness, itchiness, pain while urinating make...More
Posted by teda46
19 chest pain
Hey there I'm 19 and ever since I was little I get sharp shooting pains in my chest. It's to the...More
Posted by courtneyheart18
what is wrong with me
im having weight gain, cant keep food down, stay tired, mood swings
Posted by cyn_30
Worried about my wife
Hi - My wife has been a hair stylist for about 8-9 years now. She is 42 years old and in good overall health...More
Posted by project722
Reply: Weird and varied symptoms - no idea what this is
Also, I know this forum might not be the best place to post this, but I don't have any idea where the best...More
Posted by birdbirdbird
Reply: period
yes. If you have POCOS it is very possible. I had tons, I eventualy opted to get a hysterectomy, they can...More
Posted by danpismybff
Reply: Many symptoms but no answers, please help!
I was thing hypothyroidism. There are more than one test for it.It also sounds like POCOS. It affects...More
Posted by danpismybff
Am I truly protected?
I started my first pack on the first day of my period. Now,several packs later, my period has started...More
Posted by firemanswife2010
Reply: Lower right Abominal Pain ( a Cyst?)
Sounds like an ovarian cyst from what you're describing. Do you take or have you ever taken progesterone?...More
Posted by fatlester
I am 33 year old woman that do not smoke or do drugs. I have been feeling fatigue for the past three years. I...More
Posted by An_254016
A possible miscarriage?
Last night during sex with my husband, I began to an odd pain. It was a mild burning sensation. I didn't...More
Posted by beeteecee
How Breast Enhancement Pills Work?
The solution is extremely easy. It's all regarding the all-natural and herbal ingredients of the breast pills...More
Posted by sfonseka
way to tight your vagina.
All the women will be worried about their loose vagina after child birth, it is a fact. Now there is a...More
Posted by Mahveen11
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** MIRENA users **
I've been on Mirena for almost a year. I've had no issues or period until this past July... I had two...More
Posted by An_253488
Laproscopic Hysterecomy
I had one 2 months ago. A nerve in my abdomen was bruised with a trocar and since have had a slow leg and...More
Posted by Squwackie
The Business Case for Breastfeeding. Steps to Crea...
This employee booklet is part of a series of materials designed to create breastfeeding friendly worksites. It...More
Posted by hrsaemp
Was this Helpful?
What in the world is this???
Ok I'll try to keep the TMI stuff to a minimum. On April 6th my boyfriend was in town and we fooled around a...More
Posted by An_251623
Reply: Period has gone CRAZY!!!
did you use protection when having sex? have you taken a pregnancy test? some women have the brown...More
Posted by bettyboop71
Stomach flu (?) and now my bladder never feels emp...
I'm 17 years old,So I don't know why I'm having this problem with my bladder... Okay, so let's start from...More
Posted by sangonanami
Early period while on the pill
I have 5 days left on my birth control, and my period has already started. Is this a normal thing that...More
Posted by An_250751

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have been on BC pills for 16 years so I get my period every 28 days.Recently I had an abnormal pap smear and have to go see an OBGYN to see if there...More

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