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Jolessa Birth Control
I started taking Jolessa birth control just about 3 months ago. This is one of those that makes you only have...More
Posted by kdcc1830
Question about the IUD
Long story short, I have had a Mirena IUD for 5 years. I got it removed on 12.01. I started bleeding on...More
Posted by An_241930
Irregular Period
What Can I do?
Posted by Ts_1908

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I haven had a regualr cycle since August. I also took myself off my birth control in that same moth due to taking antibiotics for a hernia and UTI. However, Im not pregnant. What is this?
  • Does this have something to do with my cycle being regular?
  • What are my options?
  • Hows does thiss affect my cycle?
  • What are the other alternatives?
  • What causes this to happen?
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Sore Breasts
I have been experiencing extremely tender/sore breasts for about a week. I haven't had this in over 11...More
Posted by denverquestion
Irregular period
My period has always been a bit irregular mostly just skipping a couple of months which I've gotten use to....More
Posted by PixxiShadow
Period every other week and
So as of late I've had very irregular periods. For around three months, I've been getting my period every...More
Posted by An_241640
Going off of BC pills
I went to see my doctor today due to high BP,and she suggested one of the reasons it may be high is...More
Posted by bscholz9206
Birth Control Question
I have been taking the same birth control pill for 14 years now. I had my annual with GYN earlier this month...More
Posted by sandclan4
"Instead Softcup fits your busy lifestyle—you can wear it for up to 12 hours during any activity....More
Posted by Kryss143
complex cystic lesion
was diagnosed with a complex cystic lesion in my left ovary and it states its a indeterminate lesion. I'm...More
Posted by An_241364
Abnormal pap smear
I had an abnormal pap smear and am going to go see an OBGYN in a few weeks.I am very concerned about what...More
Posted by bscholz9206
Black spots when I stand up
Recently it has been getting worse, but lucky I have never fallen or passed out. I get up and I become very...More
Posted by EmilyJR
vaginal hysterectomy & hpv - pap smear necessary?
I thought because I had a vaginal hysterectomy, a pap smear wouldn't be needed again. But after reading if...More
Posted by iluvsfny
Breast Cancer: A sad Journey
Not sure how many reading this blog have taken this journey. It's not an easy journey for most people. I'm...More
Posted by An_241076
Micronor BC pill
Hi, I started taking Micronor (mini pill) August 5, 2011. I have only missed a dose by a few hours once...More
Posted by surfingchick7
Vaginal Bumps
Hello, I have a friend who has pus-filled bumps in between her legs, near her vaginal area. She does not...More
Posted by Anon_79460
Could it be a hemorrhoid?
I am not sure if this is the right community to post in but I am becoming increasingly concerned with this...More
Posted by Anon_160212
I am a 45 yr old mother of two (ages 18 & 20). Since giving birth to my children my breasts ( 36 - 38...More
Posted by Claudette28
Don't know what doc to call
I have been having a warmth sensation generating from by upper back between my shoulder blades. It has been...More
Posted by An_240402
What should I do. I know someone who lies to dr.s
I don't know what to do. I know this person goes on this site so I don't want to say too much. I know of...More
Posted by An_240296
A little concerned
So I usually have my period for about 4 days with light to moderate bleeding and some cramps in the...More
Posted by An_240289
A little concerned
So I usually have my period for about 4 days with light to moderate bleeding and some cramps in the...More
Posted by An_240289
Cyst Returning
After 3 trips to the ER, in excruciating pain was taken in for emergency surgery. They took a cyst bigger...More
Posted by An_239834
is surgery my only option??
I have horiable pains in my lower left side ( two masses in that area) so i can not do much bending or lifting ...More
Posted by TLP521
2 periods every month
I am not sure if anyone can help me here but hey its worth a shot. To start with I have three children my...More
Posted by An_239644
CALLING ALL WOMEN; I am extremely nervous, Can som...
Hello all, The only time I could get an appointment with the gyno is in decemeber and also I tried to call and...More
Posted by TaiStar
menstrual period
Around my time of the month, I experience gas, my GERD flares up and my feet tend to swell, is this normal?...More
Posted by Anon_237763
I normally have very regular periods starting on the 9th of every month with heavy flow, so this month I was...More
Posted by acutright
are natural breast enlargement pills safe?
are natural breast enlargement pills safe? I am also on ortho-tri-cyclen lo, 25mcg of estr., I woould only...More
Posted by Diana025
Can taking vitamins change your period?
I started taking Hair,skin, and nails vitamins a month ago and a multivitamin about 2 month ago. I had come...More
Posted by Anon_233914

Spotlight: Member Stories

Seems like after I quit smoking and drinking my body has fell apart. I had to have a hystrorectomy in 2007 but I had always had trouble with my period...More

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