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Been on Birth Control for 13 years now....
I have been on BC for 13 years and wonder is it ok? I don't plan on having any children, but I wonder if this...More
Posted by JENNYS82
Pain and alot of clotting
When I have my period, the pain is horable and I have alot of clotting. I have to take indomethacin for the...More
Posted by An_224685
Is A Shorty Period Normal?
My periods usually last me between 4-5 days and my last period only lasted 2 days and since it ended I have...More
Posted by rocker86
long period
I am 24 years old and started taking my birth control again about a month and a half ago. I didn't get my...More
Posted by morales928
vaginal bleeding
i had vaginal surgury in august of 2010 and then i got the depo shot but what is going on is ive been bleeding...More
Posted by bwill21
Shortness Of Breath
I have had many tests done and a CAT scan of my chest, but everything is coming back as normal. I was thinking...More
Posted by CrysDs
Birth Control worries
I have been on BC for a year. i am on the 3 month cycle so that i have a period 4 times a year. when i first...More
Posted by An_224684
Thickened Uterus Lining
I have had spotting and cramping between periods for 6months now. Had an utlrasound which came back normal...More
Posted by An_224683
Getting your menstrual cycle after baby
My husband and I struggled for 2 years to conceive and we finally had our first baby about 10 months ago. We...More
Posted by An_224682
Irregular Periods
Ever since I began having periods, I have always been very regular. Exactly 28 days. We've been trying to get...More
Posted by An_224680
Birth Control and Pregnancy.
I've been using BC for about 4 yrs now. However I messed up on my pills after my period. I haven't started my...More
Posted by An_224679

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weird period?
had a normal period lasting 5 days and it was actually pretty heavy.. two days later (today) i started...More
Posted by An_224678
joint pain
I woke up two days ago with shoulder and neck pain and as the day went on all of my joints began to hurt and...More
Posted by An_224677
Women's Hair Loss
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I had a baby two years ago and I know that many women...More
Posted by ejweger
is this a healthy diet?
for breakfast i normally have a fiber plus bar. lunch and dinner consist of whole grain or brown rice with...More
Posted by An_224676

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wierd menstrual cycle
Is there a correlation between chest tightness and the beginning of my cycle??? I have tried every diagnostic...More
Posted by An_224675
depo and pregnancy only had one shot am I able to ...
only had one shot of depo and ive been bleeding for the past month my other shot was due on the 6 and i...More
Posted by mommyof32be
Steroids & Weight
HI, I am on a fairly high dose of steroids, for the rest of my life, due to Adrenal Insufficiency". I,...More
Posted by periwinkle52
To early for hormones
My daughter is a very petit 7 year old. However, she has begun to show similar signs that my sister and I...More
Posted by sarahanne25
Feeling funny
Hi all, I guess I'd just like some opinions on what I have been experiencing lately, because it's freaking me...More
Posted by skay210
Help! Brush Burn in Intergluteal cleft...
I'm freaking out! I'm a 24 yo and I recently became sexual active for the first time August of this year. My...More
Posted by An_224674
Latex Allergy
Does anyone else have a latex allery to condoms, that could tell me about the healing process? My actual...More
Posted by An_224672
More imaging rec after Mammo
My mom got a letter back today after a mammogram saying that further imaging is recommended. If this were...More
Posted by An_224671
concerned about IUD Mirena
had my son in Aug of 09. In October my OB inserted the mirena. I went in for the follow up and i was good to...More
Posted by An_224670
Confused...any suggestions?
To start, I discontinued my Mirena IUD on November 10th after 2 years. It's been 4 weeks (I've counted too many...More
Posted by mom2jmm
Tubal Ligation
I seem to have very heavy and extended periods since I had my Tubal Ligation ten years ago. Right now I...More
Posted by MaryEllen7478
birth control...
I'm 40 years old and have been on birth control pills for 23 years now... when is it time to go off them???...More
Posted by Maxima40
supracervial or subtotal hysterectomy
I would like to know after this type of surgery do you still continue to have periods ! Thanks
Posted by An_224668
yeast infection???
i'm going to start this by apologizing for subjecting all of you to this but i have no insurance and...More
Posted by hopelesslyhelpless

Spotlight: Member Stories

Seems like after I quit smoking and drinking my body has fell apart. I had to have a hystrorectomy in 2007 but I had always had trouble with my period...More

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