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    Should co-workers hook up or date?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Office parties abound this time of year, and we always tend to hear whispers of this one and that one getting together during or after the festivities.

    But, is it a good idea for co-workers to pursue a relationship?

    What do you think? Do you have an opinion or experience to share?

    (Keep it clean, please. Thanks!)


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    missashley1010 responded:
    Ill be honest I havnt been working that long only about 6 years but in that 6 years I have learned nothing good ever comes out of relationships in the work place! I only know of one couple who just got married a few months ago and that was after several breakups.
    An_241891 responded:
    Co-workers should'nt date or hook-up unless there's a mutal understanding in the co-worker/ friend wants to pursue me(he's 53yrs) n im 26,he has been with other women on the job, and evertime me n him is together getting lunch or working the other women are treating me like the enemy. i know how he feels about me,we've been out together outside of work,i almost got into a actual fight with one of the women n we all work in the same dept...But,i've been seeing another co worker off n on for two years n were good friends,we talk about our feelings far as our attraction,chemistry n what not...OMG!
    Anon_16867 responded:
    used to work with 13 women on the nite shift 11 to 7 and i used to go with one of the ladies there..i was a mechanic and she was a machine operator and it got too the point that when i had too work on another ladies machine she was always looking wondering what we was laughting and talking about...she also though that i was sleeping with one of them...when the other ladies saw that she was looking they did everything to make ..her more jealous... but we did go together five years almost and she wanted to move in with me but isaid no because i just got out of a div and she was going thru hers..she broke up with me and in a way i was glad...other ones want to date me but i said no way will i get caught up in that u have to take ur chances ....
    AlyssaCC responded:
    have dated a co-worker and let me just say its not a good idea at all! it was fun at first, but when feelings get in the way of work and can and will be hell to pay!!! so my advice to leave work at work! IE co workers!!
    Internationalist responded:
    Why not? Rather I shall welcome it. Co-workers are mature adults, have better and more confirmed information on most aspects of each other which minimizes the chances of misinformation and cheating, have closer or complimentary relation in their nature of job responsibilities. A closer relation will provide them more time for all activities together both at home and at work place. Even if they fail to reach a permanent relationship of marriage, they remain friends as co-workers. Their administrative authorities also shall have better administrative control and confidence on them. I can list many more advantages but do not find any disadvantage in dating among co-workers or colleagues. Their are many doctor couples of mine working in the same institutions/organizations.
    bp_roller responded:
    Wouldn`t know as when I do it, and it`s often, it`s due to a sexual manic episode caused by my bp disease. Don`t really want to have sex with them, but I don`t have a chose, my bp makes me do it...I love this disease.
    mamakim27 responded:
    I honestly think it depends on the people and the environment. I have dated 3 different co-workers since I was abotu 21. The first was nothing serious---we worked in an ER. Me doing admitting, he was a nurse---and we ended it as friends, the third ended terribly(he turned out to be psycho)--we both worked in retail, but different departments, and the third has now lasted 6 1/2 years, and we have been happily for 5 of them. We also both worked in retail at the time. So it really is different for everyone.
    Anon_2313 responded:
    I have dated several coworkers before at various jobs. I would have to say that it all depends on the woman (or person) you're dating.

    A couple of them made me swear off dating coworkers for ever because it caused so much animosity.

    The last time, I decided to break my own rule and date another coworker. Am I glad I did! She and I have been married for almost two years now and I can honestly say she is the perfect woman for me!

    The moral of the story is this- dating coworkers is like dating anyone else. There are good matches and there are bad matches. Good scenarios and bad scenarios. You'll never know which it will be until you take the plunge. Don't ever turn a blind eye to someone just because you two have the same name signing on your paychecks!
    SaraTorre28 responded:
    I'm totally for it!! I was transferred to our parts department almost 7 years ago. 6 1/2 years later I started dating a guy in the office. We have been together ever since!! We still work together. Our company had a new building built for our department. We kindof downsized in space Space was so limited that they put my desk and my boyfriends' desk facing eachother! It's more like a cubical setup, but it works. I am happy with the way things are. We don't ever argue.
    The_Zombie responded:
    It all depends if they are compatable or not.
    JEB746 responded:
    I would say that it all depends. I have on two occasions dated co-workers only because at the time I was working for big companies and we both were in different divisions. It made it easier to date them becasue the only time we would really see each other is at staff meetings etc.etc.
    On the other hand I have worked in much smaller envioronments and I have chosen not to get involved with co workers because I knew there would be a conflict of intrest.
    It all depends on who the person is and thier maturaty level. Also there need to be some ground rules in place. Whether the relationship works out or comes to an end, both parties should maintain and protect thier privacy and remember not to bring personal issues to work.
    bob249 responded:
    In general, I think it is a bad idea.

    However, if I worked with Heather Locklear ...

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