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    15-yr-olds and Younger Waxing?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    There appears to be a bit of controversy on the 'Net around this company's ad offering discounts on the first waxing experience for girls 15 and younger:

    While at first I was appalled, I thought about some of my friends when I was younger who had dark hair and were embarrassed by hair in certain places.

    What do you think? How young is too young for certain types of beauty procedures?
    butterflygarden responded:
    I don't see anything wrong with younger girls waxing or shaving as long as it is with the parents' consent. Though I wasn't one of them, I knew plenty of girls who needed to do that at an earlier age.

    It's not fair to expect a kid to be embarrassed in front of her friends.

    I do draw the line, though. There are some things that should wait. No tanning booths. No boob jobs. No spray on tans. No body piercings.

    Just my opinion.

    An_241965 responded:
    I started shaving when i was 13, my mother wanted me to wait till i was 16 to shave but at the time all my friends where shaving and i wanted to fit in, trying to fit in made me end up with stitches in my knee from shaving lol i wish i would have never had to start shaving but then id look like a hairy monster. Another rule with my mom was no make up till you turned 16, u could wear lip gloss that was it and no thongs (sp?) that was a big no no untill you were 16 lol
    tmcc2012 responded:
    My 14 year old daughter told me not that long ago that she has been shaving certain areas for a while. At first I was upset because I thought it is something that should be done as an adult...only because I don't remember doing it at that age. However now it is very different for me. I asked her why she chose to begin to shave and she told me. It made sense and I had to allow her to feel comfortable too. I don't want her to be out with friends and be embarrassed at certain things about her body. I am blessed that we had talked about it with each other. There are some girls that mature earlier and may prefer to begin to keep themselves "tidy" for lack of a better word.
    pml1958 responded:
    I am all for it! With a daughter that was very hairy when she was born...and didnt lose much of it I was shaving her legs by the time she was in 1st grade. She was getting teased at school because when she wore tights the hair would stick through. You have take each situation as it comes. Now me on the other hand...Im a 54 year old woman and I shave my legs twice a year and even then you cant see or feel the hair and I have about 5 dark hairs between both my legs. As for other parts of the body...let them do what is comfortable to them it is there body...not yours.
    bob249 responded:
    If your 15 year old son wanted to be waxed, would your reaction be the same?

    Why not?
    fcl replied to bob249's response:
    Why not? Cyclists shave their legs a lot so why not just wax? Why should women be the only ones to like having smooth hairless skin? I don't see why hair removal is such a big deal for either sex - it's not as if it's permanent.

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