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    Addicted to Your Smartphone?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Everywhere you go these days you see someone talking, texting, playing games...doing SOMETHING with a Smartphone.

    The other night, my husband fussed at me for playing a game on my phone while we were watching TV together.

    Check out this great story from WebMD about Smartphone addiction , and then tell us...Are YOU addicted to your phone? Know someone who is?

    What do you use your phone for most of all? What would you miss most if you lost it?

    worn1 responded:
    the only time i use the phone is to notify work that i am running late. other wise it just sits. hate phones. would not miss it if lost. i use the computer with web cam for communication
    rohvannyn responded:
    I used to like my phone and really want a smartphone because of all the cool features. I weaned myself off of it and my phone sits by my bed, used once a week to call people and the rest of the time it's a high tech alarm clock. Of course, I only spend about nine dollars a month max on phone service, too. Otherwise I email everybody.

    I used to want a smartphone, but I don't anymore because (a) I don't want to be that wedded to an expensive electronic device, and (b) I can't stand the Echelon system and the fact that the NSA can listen to in to any conversation I have, as well as track my exact location. Whether I am doing anything wrong or not, I don't like that kind or privacy invasion so I won't stand for it. (Last time I saw the article about Echelon it was on the front page of Time, so the information is out there)

    I love tech toys but I don't want to be a radio collared little pet. I also can't stand it when people continually use their phones in places where it's not allowed, such as in call centers or in other secured areas. They make all kinds of excuses but it's addictive behavior. Okay. I'll get off the soapbox. I'd just like to less "overconnection" and more real connection between human beings. And less invasive tracking.
    larsstarscanary responded:
    My phone has a low IQ, so I don't talk to it much at all!
    larsstarscanary replied to rohvannyn's response:
    I believe all calls are monitored on any phone...
    lizzie012450 responded:
    don't have a smart phone. if my phone rings, i answer it, if i am not driving.
    An_246598 responded:
    I use my cell phone (not a smart phone) for an alarm clock, a quick way to contact friends and family and simply a light when it is dark. I have a regular alarm clock, but I use my cell phone more frequently. I would miss my phone if lost because I cannot communicate without it. I would also miss the computer as that keeps me informed as of to what's going on with friends and relatives.
    Bulley1030 responded:
    I love my smart phone. I just bought it a few months ago and love the convenience of having everything I need right at my fingertips! Whether it's calling, texting, surfing pintrest or facebook, or just reading a good book on kindle. The app games are fun too while waiting at the doctor's office or on lunch at work. I love it but I am not addicted. I could easily go back to a basic phone which I have always had. Sure I would miss the convenience but I'm not so attatched at the hip that it's always next to me or something I rely on 24/7. Plus only having 70 ish friends on facebook doesnt add up to a whole lot of posts to read lol. Don't hate cause I like the convenience!
    butterflygarden responded:
    Ugh, yes. So addicted.

    My entire life is now on this phone. My whole address book is there, and I hate to admit that I don't currently have a back-up.

    Not much of a phone gamer, but I have apps for almost everything I need for business and family.

    I'd miss the camera feature most. I love to be able to take pictures on the go without lugging a separate camera.


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