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    Doc Won't Treat Patients Over 200 Pounds
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    A Massachusetts primary care physician no longer accepts patients who weigh more than 200 pounds, Boston's WCVB reports .

    The doctor stated, "After three consecutive injuries (with other patients) trying to care for people over 250 pounds, my office is unable to accommodate a certain weight and we put a limit on it."

    What do you think about this policy?

    Cindy4010 responded:
    I worked for years in Nursing homes and I have hurt my back and body so many times from lifting obese residents (even to left their legs up into bed hurts your back and body) I am still suffering from all that lifting...
    I totally agree with the physician, they should have physician and clinics specifically designed for overweight patients. I know they sure don't like to be put into lefts because it hurts them. All around it is a bad bad situation.
    Shell_n_NM responded:
    I saw this as a video clip. She appeared to have a herpe on her lip. I would avoid being her patient for that reason alone. In all seriousness, its her choice but I can't imagine wanting to be a patient of a doctor who has these convictions.
    DLKinney responded:
    This Creature should be banned from any practice anywhere!!! last year if my Doctor had this kind of piss poor attitude she would have turned me away from my lifesaving Gastric Bypass, as I was pushing 400 lbs at the time!!! for those Idiot's with stupid comment's I'm sure to follow!! I have lost over 140 lbs since January 3rd when I had this procedure and I plan to be at 190 by my one year surgery anniversary!! I now eat healthier and walk 6 miles a day, This is mainly because I had a Doctor who was doing her job and cared about a person, she knew it wasn't going to be easy ,but she didn't turn her back on me either!! To say it's to protect her staff is B.S. Turn in your Licence and Go work at Walmart you Hag!!!
    Shell_n_NM replied to ginal2683's response:
    I have to go to a primary care first, who refers me to a specialist. And I wait for my appointment, just like everyone else does. The only thing I never do while waiting is judge why anyone else is there or whether they are wasting my time (which of course, they would not be doing by any stretch of the imagination). My issues are no more important than theirs are. We are all patients.
    DLKinney replied to DLKinney's response:
    to add to this since my Gastric Bypass and weight loss to this point I no longer Have Type 2 Diabetes, I no longer take high blood pressure medication,and My cholesterol is better then normal!!! When Doctors Care!! Patients Live!!
    lindaam responded:
    This is hilarious. I guess hospitals should not employee fat nnurses then. My husband went to ER for chest pains last week (turned out to be gastritis). The nurses were HUGE, much nmore than 200 pounds, I guarantee you.
    BluestemArch responded:
    That seems arbitrary and unreasonable. Is she lifting patients? Maybe she needs to find some 200lb staff to handle the big folks.
    Dadtxn responded:
    Having previously been morbidly obese, weighing well over 250, it offends me that a medical professional would deign to deny service based solely on a patient's weight. This is offensive and goes against the Hippocratic oath.
    catalyst4gd responded:
    Guess I am glad she is so not my Doctor. Sounds like a pathological personality problem. So very glad I weigh in my weight range,at the high end of coarse.
    She should use BMI, and morbid obesity to clarify.

    trs1960 replied to DLKinney's response:
    I've worked hard to keep my weight down as I know extra weight is just harder on my back. Before my accident I was 6ft tall and over 230lbs. Now I'm almost 5'9" (crushed spine) and struggle to keep my weight between 180 and 190lbs. I've been working hard the last few months and I'm down to 182. Three months ago I was hitting 203lbs! Should my doctor have thrown me out? For some people losing weight is the hardest thing in the world. God made us all different. I hate it when "perfect" people try to make us all fit in their mold!!!

    DLKinney, congrats on your success and best luck on your goals.
    AshDoe replied to trs1960's response:
    I personally think 200lbs is a ridiculous limit; the decision needs to involve BMI and mobility. I am a 5'10" female and am athletic and build muscle very easily. I tend to hover around 205 and a BMI of around 25%. Yes, I could stand to lose 5-10 pounds but I in no way look overweight. According to this standard I would be denied care on the average day when people 50 pounds overweight would be able to receive care.
    bubbles_bobble responded:
    I agree with the poster who said 90% of America is overweight! Have you ever taken a look at some of the registered nurses who are taking care of us. My weight management doc has a huge gut! I belong to a huge HMO one of the biggest in the country and there are very morbidly obese nurses in some of these facilities! and i live in one of hte healthiest states in the nation!
    I think this is discrimination. Maybe this doc has skinny nurses but overall this nation and I don't care what profession it is has many obese workers in their offices wether that be docs offices or a manufacturing plant!
    I think its wrong and I agree with another writter who said what about the hypocratic oath?! Isn't someone with an addiciton to food sick? So many people eat emotionally becasue they can't cope! People do other things that are not healthy to cope. Life is stressful! I new a major cardiac specialist in a large metro area who would drink a 6 pack when we was on call get called in and go in! SO PEEPS NO ONE IS IMMUNE!~
    catalyst4gd responded:
    Eugenics anyone. In this economy in the last 2 years people can't afford to eat much. Hence everyone I know is lean after dropping 25 to 50 pounds. This is just a Haters oxymoron.
    cnadygirl53 responded:
    I think that is another low for doctors, it's hurtful that they don't care about their patients but to say cause you're fat I don't care to help you. To me it's a new form of discrimination but the only difference is they have the law on their side. A doctor has taken the oath to help and provide the patient with respect and dignity, if that's the case their patients are the lucky ones not to have such hypocrites.
    Anon_475 replied to cjh1203's response:
    I don't think the poster wanted to debate abortion but rather the zeal with which "imperfect" babies (especially those with downs) are tracked down and eliminated ...

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