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    Should hCG diet products be OTC?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Recently, the FDA mandated that companies selling over-the-counter diet products containing hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) remove what the agency says is falsely advertising that hCG promotes weight loss .

    The companies have 15 days to correct the violations.

    All this said, many people still believe that hCG diets have helped them lose weight.

    Do you believe that these products should continue to be sold over-the-counter?

    Why or why not?
    brunosbud responded:
    Based on the most recent pronouncements by the FDA, they're suggesting that HCG should be sold "UTT"...

    (under the toilet)...
    DonaldDuck42 responded:
    No. I haven't tried these "diets" and never would, but hormones used in this way definitely need to be regulated.

    Honestly, people. Eat less, exercise more. It's hard to do, but if it's too easy generally there's something wrong with it.

    ginnpr responded:
    Hi - have heard so many bad things about this product - we all know fad diets do not work - and actually people have ended up in the hospital with some of them - I have been a WW for the last 8 years - and have kept off 65lbs - you can eat whatever you want - it is really portion control!!!!
    ewcollins responded:
    If one is still foolish enough to buy these products, then they should be allowed to do so. There should, however, be some kind of warning on the packaging.
    An_242149 responded:
    The hCG diet is a joke. The product they are selling you isn't what causes the weight loss, it's the fact that calorie intake is greatly reduced. Go ahead try this diet, but after months of quiting the diet let me know how you feel after gaining not all the weight you lost while on this diet, but more
    laurieforti responded:
    One does NOT NEED DIET PRODUCTS, they all are a scam at best, and quite toxic in some cases.

    Losing weight is easy.
    One MUST learn enough about HUMAN physiology and biochemistry to avoid certain death and suffering that all those on that dietary path have taken.
    Move through this trajectory:

    1> Stop eating ALL animal corpses, or things made from them by other means: e.g., "milk" and other dairy products.

    2> Stop ALL sugar, and sugared items, stop ALL tonics, sodas, etc. Make your own sodas in a seltzer bottle filled with fruit juice instead of water.

    3> Stop all high protein items: nuts, seeds, ...

    Focus on fruits for quick energy, and starchy things [grains, roots (potato, etc.> for long-term, endurance energy) Play with greens until you find some you can enjoy.

    KEEP a Food Log, a running journal listing:

    things eaten
    amount eaten
    reaction (weakness, nausea, headache, rash, ...)
    weight [ONCE A WEEK!!>

    Be familiar with:


    scientifically-credible vegan information:
    tmlmtlrl replied to laurieforti's response:
    Obviously you're passionate about what you're saying, but it is honestly an ignorant way of thinking. Not all people are the same and quite a few people NEED protein (including animal protein) in their diets. I am one of them.

    I'm glad that the vegan way of life works for you. You should not try so hard to preach it as the one and only way of life for the rest of us.
    JenPBDBP2 replied to laurieforti's response:
    I'm sorry but humans evolved eating other animals. It's the way our teeth and digestive system works. Now limiting anything is a good idea and no, not all humans can tolerate dairy but that does not make them on the whole, bad.

    So like the other person said, clearly your passionate but dont' let that passion blind you to ALL the facts, especially the ones that disagree with your feelings.

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