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    Most Important 2012 Election Issues?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    This year's presidential election is coming into the home stretch.

    We know that a lot of folks feel that health care issues are very important in this election, and WebMD has created a guide for anyone who wants to dig more deeply into those -- Health Care in the Election .

    What do YOU think is the most important issue being debated in this year's election?

    jis4judy responded:
    Hi I think world peace is the most important thing and I want to see our troops brought home
    butterflygarden responded:
    I think it is the economy. And, after watching the debate last night I don't think either one of the main candidates is addressing it to my satisfaction.

    Gas prices are soaring, which means costs for all other goods that have to be transported or shipped has risen.

    My trip to the grocery store has increased by about 50 dollars a week since just the beginning of this year.

    Regardless of who gets elected president, the rest of us should be concentrating on electing the best reps for congress. They are the real policy makers.

    I encourage all of you to find out about the folks running for congress in your area and do a little real research. Don't just vote the party line.

    doddappa responded:
    good economy and hygienic conditions
    Former_Paratrooper responded:

    Get the Communists out of the White House. Bring our troops home. Cancel Obama care. Cut the Federal Gov. by 30%. Audit the Fed. And demand the Congress oversee their activity. Cut the deficit significantly. Go back to zero based budgeting. Get rid of Dodd/Frank. No one understands it anyway. Get rid of all Obama's czars. None were ever approved by congress. No more wars unless an ally or we is attacked and then only if we go to win. No more of these stupid rules of engagement, which only result in our troops being murdered. No more "Winning hearts and minds". When ever I hear that I know we are not engaged to win. Voting should be only for US citizens. Shut down the borders and enforce our immigration Laws. How about that for a start. Follow the Constitution.
    Jeune1 responded:
    The establishment of an incentive program that would reward news outlets from covering the 2016 election before 2014!
    mediweb responded:
    Noblesse oblige,is the test of humanity for every citizen.The President elected must stand by this rule. The poor and the needy.Jobless would find jobs sooner or later.Whereas the sick and the infirm have nowhere to go
    worn1 replied to Former_Paratrooper's response:
    I think you have it covered
    Jo H
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to Former_Paratrooper's response:
    You make some very strong points, I completely agree with following the Constitution, cutting the federal government, auditing the fed and reducing the deficit. I also agree with not going to war unless an ally or we are attacked, given that we were attacked, that makes the afghanistan invasion appropriate. I never did agree with the war in Iraq.

    If we are going to shut our borders, would that idea be retroactive? This country was founded by illegal immigration, looking to escape religious persecution and make a better life for themselves. I would agree that illegal immigration is an issue in this country and something does need to be done, but there must be a better way and building a giant fence/wall. Considering that many of them are getting in thru underground tunnels. Now I would agree with closing our borders to corporations from taking their business overseas/internationally to use cheap labor and zero safety standards. Bring those jobs back home and that would help on a number of levels. Boost the economy, increase employment and increase tax revenue. Which once we get out of this war overseas, we could pump back into the economy creating more jobs and opportunities.

    The sad part is that none of these ideas will ever fly, because there are to many corporate hand outs and lobbiests who have a lot of these politicians in their pocket. It's the age that we live in and i am afraid that their is no turning back. On top of that, executive orders have been abused for many years now, to the point where congress is meaningless. And checks and balences are a thing of the past.

    What we need is a strong 3rd party and a candidate with some intestinal fortitude, to stand up to the lobbys and defend the constitution. The type of candidate like our founding fathers who had some clue what morals and ethics where, but most importantly they cared about their country and fellow country men/women.

    Im going to assume from your name that you have served in the Military and I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice. Its because of people like you that we still have whatever freedom we have left...for now.

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