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    Fast Food Regulation: Yes or No?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    One of the most popular ongoing debates is whether fast food restaurants should be regulated regarding the types of food items they sell.

    Although most of these establishments are now serving a selection of healthier fare, the menus are still full of fried foods laden with calories.

    Is it our decision to eat or not to eat, or is the restaurant/company responsible?

    Tell us what you think.
    An_241873 responded:
    It is completely up to an individual whether or not to eat at fast food places. If you pick up any fast food and consume it, it is no longer the restaurants responsibility. Come on lets take responsibility for our actions!!
    3point14 responded:
    I think it's extremely disingenuous to go into a fast food restaurant and then say "Golly, nothing here is healthy!", well, no kidding. You just went into the kingdom of BURGERS, not salads, what did you expect?

    It would be akin to regulating what grocery stores could sell, there's healthier and fattier, but you fill up your cart. At fast food chains, there are healthier and fattier options, but you ultimately order.

    That being said, it should be more transparent, with calories posted. I think anything that helps people make a reasonable choice should be easier to find, and every other food product a person buys does have the nutritional values right on it.

    I don't need to be told what to do by Ronald McDonald, though, and if I want to eat a large fry, I want to still have that option.
    davidkapl responded:
    jgilbert responded:
    Absolutely not. We should quit placing responsibility for our actions on others. The restaurants are regulated by the customers. If they don't want "bad for them" food, they should not go to the restaurant. If enough people do that the restaurant will close or change the menu.
    mhall6252 responded:
    Nope! People can make their own choices, and the market can drive changes in the fast food industry.
    Rachael67 responded:
    I must go along with all the early responses! We don't need to have another thing regulating what is "good for us"....Political correctness and folks who seem to have direct connection with the "All-Knowing Path To Goodness" are destroying individuality and freedom both here and abroad!

    Responsibility, honor, honesty, pride, discipline (our own not others!)....The list of "endangered attributes" grows by the day. Even when we disagree with some proposals others make, we often go along as that is the easier path to take. Stand up to bullies or know-it-alls? Use our own good sense? Naw! It doesn't affect me personally so why bother, right? UNTIL it comes home and it DOES affect me!!! And then we cry and scream and demand that someone do something, forgetting the days when we were that someone who should have done something!!!

    Though this is just the tip of the iceberg, I'll stop. Sorry, for the rant, but this issue is a hot-potato for me!!

    apricath responded:
    No they shouldnt be regulated We dont need Michelle Obama's fat police telling us what to eat.
    rivera1961 responded:
    No! we are all adults. I think that we are old enough to make choices! whether we want to eat healthy or not. I think it up to us to make our own choices in food. Why does the government want to regulate everything!
    brcansur responded:
    No each person can make their own choices I believe that each person should be able to go into an establishment and pick what they would like to eat.
    They could also pick a healthy place to eat and not a fast food establishment that doesn't have healthy selections.
    DonaldDuck42 responded:
    Well, I think ultimately we're all responsible for what we put in our mouths. BUT, shouldn't fast food restaurants have some obligation to have MORE healthy choices?

    I guess if I'm traveling and don't have much choice but to stop in for fast food I'd like to have the healthy option.

    nursingbug replied to brcansur's response:
    I think all nutrition information should be posted in plain sight. I also feel that there should be a REQUIRED class in high school before you could graduate on nutrition and exercise, weight control. And not that dinky health class I took, but something that focused intently on weight and health managment, and the risks of not doing this. When I was in high school it was a graduation requirement to have taken civics and consumer education, to prepare to run a family budget and learn the way the country is governed. Just as much empasis should be placed on keeping yourself healthy.
    Fast food companies are just suppling what is in demand, which right now is cheap, flavorful food that is easy to get. There is not much empasis on cooking anymore or family time in the evening. People work several jobs to get by, and kids spend a lot of time in structured activities because it is not as safe to play outside as in generations past. At the end of the day it is often easier to drive through somewhere, and this has become the norm, so no one questions it. It really isn't one issue, or anyones fault. This is the way our society has developed recently. Sad, isn't it?
    Unless we attack this issue as a cultural one, we are not going to get anywhere. Regulating what fast food companies sell isn't going to do it. We need to change how we think about food, and that needs to happen on the individual level. Mrs. Obama gets a lot of negitive comments from people about her efforts, but the truth is that is exactly what needs to happen.
    thoth_1 responded:
    Absolutely not. People are tired of the government and other agencies telling them what to do---as posted by another here, people need to take the responsibility for their own actions; too many today dismiss this and blame some outside factor for their lack of judgment or education.

    Do we want a country where people have to go into 'hiding' if they want to eat 'unhealthy' food like the 22% of the population that chooses to smoke (of which I am one)? Enough intrusion into peoples' lives and lifestyles- I think our Founding Fathers are already cringing in their graves.
    Anon_227658 replied to davidkapl's response:
    Not very enthusiastic---care to mention why?
    seattlebean responded:
    It is ridiculous to regulate fast food restaurants and what they sell. It is completely the customer's decision.

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