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    Madonna: Is There An Age Limit on Sexy?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    At 53, Madonna is still touring and cavorting around on stage in sexy, revealing outfits. Other entertainers have done the same over the years: Cher, Demi Moore, Charo, the entire cast of Desperate Housewives...just to name a few. And, let's not forget the men: Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, and more.

    But, is there an age limit on sexy?

    If so, what is YOUR limit? And, if not, what makes a person sexy beyond youth?

    Are there different rules for men and women?
    SoCalSuz responded:
    NO! Madonna looked amazing last night!

    Staying fit and keeping a young spirit is key to having a healthy, happy "golden age"

    Madonna ROCKED IT last night. Madge showed that she still has the pop queen crown (did you hear that Ga Ga?)

    butterflygarden responded:
    I also thought Madonna was amazing. But, I have to say I was glad that her outfits were tasteful.

    My answer to the question is "No". I don't think there is an age limit on sexy. However, my "No" also comes with a "But."

    I think there's sexy and there's age-appropriate. And, if Madonna had come out on stage with her cone-boobies on and an outfit cut up her backside I would have said she went too far for her age, even for an entertainer.

    I do think there are different rules for men and women when it comes to sexy as you age. I have to say that I've always loved Clint Eastwood, and when that commercial came on last night I thought, "Wow, he's still sexy in his 80s!" But, I am willing to bet there weren't many 40-something guys out there thinking the same thing about Betty White. I could be wrong. If I am, tell me.

    fcl responded:
    "is there an age limit on sexy? "

    Ask Sean Connery ...
    jenna291 replied to fcl's response:
    No age limit on sexy! I believe you can look great at any age. Sometimes when you feel good, you look good and a positive attitude can contribute to sexy.
    HootyBird1 responded:
    no age limit on sexy
    jis4judy responded:
    well I think No age limit on sexy the others are right Maddona looked awsome last night and her outfits were tastefull and sexy at the same time .. some men are sexy as they age and others not so much just like us women
    Hugs Judy:)
    brcansur responded:
    NO I don't think there is an age limit on sexy, Because I feel that sexy is something that comes from within each and every one of us. It isn't how we look or what we are wearing yes that to some is what makes you sexy but deep down that isn't really it at all not to me!
    I feel sexy comes from how you feel about yourself, your personality , your attitude all of it all rolled into one. It is everything from the inside out plus how the outside world effects you and your actions.
    I don't think putting on what we call sexy outfits and make up doing your hair is what makes you sexy. NO that is fake sexy to me you can do all of that but then open your mouth and then it is all gone. Or do all that and your actions and attitude blow it.
    To me sexy was the day I gave birth to my son and held him for the first time and knowing I was giving him food that came from my body, That is sexy. Your body created a life and the food to keep that little baby growing healthy that is sexy.
    Or when you get out of the shower still a little wet and have a towel around you no make up your hair isn't done no fancy out fits. Just you nice and clean bare, that is the true you that is sex. So I feel you can be sexy no matter how old you are man or women at 110 years of age even. Just be you and not fake show your personality and beauty from the inside out and that will be sexy!
    Anon_34374 replied to brcansur's response:
    with all due respect, "sexy" is not how I would describe most women giving birth, holding their child and breastfeeding...unless you are a Victoria's Secret model.

    I would define "sexy" as having to include outer appearance (body type, grooming, clothing, etc), and not be a product of inner feelings (though how one carries themselves could certainly augment the "sexy" they exude).

    re: "you can do all of that but then open your mouth and then it is all gone", i have to disagree, if we are talking about "sexy". if a woman is "sexy" (and I am a man, so only going to argue this in one direction) but is brain dead, than when she opens her mouth she would be unattractive, but still sexy.
    so here i would argue that all of your comments, as far as i am concerned, apply to "attractiveness" and not to "sexy" which i do not see as the same thing.
    is there an age limit on sexy? likely. the dictionary defines "sexy" as being concerned predominantly or excessively with sex. so i imagine at some point, we all stop exuding anything that compels concern with sex.
    Madonna at 53 has not yet reached that point. the two women who flanked her last night in the first song (can i call them "women"), however, while half her age, were anything but "sexy". Talk about dirty and diseased, like they were taken from and returning to the sewers of Indianapolis after the half time show (doesn't matter how "sexy" they thought they were on the inside, "sexy" they were most certainly not.
    brunosbud replied to Anon_34374's response:
    Agreed...I've known many brain dead women who were quite sexy.
    Graceonline replied to brunosbud's response:
    Sexy to me is more of a concept I think, both subjective and objective.

    If sexy was solely about appearance, than all it takes is cosmetic surgery.

    Audiences pay for the bods on entertainers and the entertainers need this to support their lifestyles.

    I am female and have also known many brain dead women who some rate as being sexy.

    Let's say we were offered the financial means for two choices. The first being intelligence and the second, looks. Which would you choose?

    I would go for intelligence as this potentially leaves both options open.

    However, I think intelligence, grace, character, dignity, elegance, wisdom, stance and poise are the most sexiest qualities I have ever come across.

    These are also qualities I feel come about with age.

    In ending, some of the sexiest people I have known and do know, are therefor in their 70's and beyond and who remain young, desirable and appealing in my eyes.

    It would be an honor to stand among them when I come of age!

    JenPBDBP2 responded:
    For men, there is no age limit. For women, absolutely and those who deny are fooling themselves.
    JenPBDBP2 replied to brcansur's response:
    "I don't think putting on what we call sexy outfits and make up doing your hair is what makes you sexy. NO that is fake sexy to me you can do all of that but then open your mouth and then it is all gone. Or do all that and your actions and attitude blow it."

    Only women think that way.
    Graceonline replied to JenPBDBP2's response:
    Hi Jen

    I disagree and do not believe as I age, this will automatically correlate with my not retaining qualities of being sexy as per my earlier post.

    It would be good to know why you defend such a stance?


    brunosbud replied to Graceonline's response:
    Agreed...I've known many intelligent women who were quite sexy.

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