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    Valentine's Day: Best and Worst Gifts
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many people have mixed feelings about the holiday. Some love it and others find it stressful.

    If you've been on the giving or receiving end of Valentine's Day, what was the best and worst gift you ever gave or got?

    If V-Day makes you feel bah-humbug...tell us why.
    rachael67 responded:
    I am truly blessed!

    Without sounding like I just chugged the sugar bowl, I must report that my DH tells me and shows me daily that he considers me his Valentine!

    Yes, I know that is very syruppy, but happily it is also
    very true! I know how wrong he is most of the time, but I'll be darned if if I will ever tell!!
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff replied to rachael67's response:

    I don't think you're sappy at all. You are truly blessed, and it sounds like you are pretty good at letting him know he's your Valentine as well.

    butterflygarden responded:
    This is a fun one!

    I want to start by saying that my hubby isn't the greatest at Valentine's Day, and I think it does stress him out.

    Worst Gift -- A pair of flip flops. As much as I love flip flops, I was newly married and it just didn't strike that romantic cord for me. lol

    Best Gift -- I have two...Several times I've gotten actual plants for my garden. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that! And, once I got a homemade CD of some of my favorite songs. It was PERFECT and ROMANTIC.

    MalibuSkipper responded:
    Best: Gorgeous flowers, but even always appreciative, super fun and wonderful guy!

    Worst: Nightmare on Elm Street at movie theater, where I fell asleep - tired from taking care of our baby and not super interested with excitement over Freddy. Then, yelled at for the rest of the night for being insensitive...over though, so YAY! Lesson learned!
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff replied to MalibuSkipper's response:
    Wow, Skipper. That definitely tops mine. I got a hand-vac one year, but at least I could use it for something. That movie trip is moments of your life you'll never get back.

    Sounds like you moved on to a better Valentine!

    What are you hoping for this year?

    Empyrean13 responded:
    I don't find it stressful as much as I find it annoying. I have only been on one date and I've also been a server on V-Day, too. What a nightmare that was. (Just a reminder, if you're going out to a restaurant, treat your server like your valentine... I can't tell you how thankless and rude people are on V-Day).

    For a fraction of the cost, I can make a gorgeous dinner, have precisely what I want, not have to worry about a harried server and avoid all the reckless traffic and attitudes.

    My thoughts - flowers die, I don't like chocolate, I can't stand pink, hearts are overrated and there's no suggestion that St. Valentine was the patron of lovers.

    But, that's just me. Pragmatic. I'd rather go out on a Monday night to a nice restaurant and know that I'll probably have the best service and a nearly empty restaurant (hint - Mondays are the slowest days for restaurants and the best time to have a quiet dinner).

    But, if chocolates and roses are your thing.. by all means, go for it.
    CozyTime responded:
    In my younger years I always thought I'd have a corvette by the time I was 30yrs old. I didn't and was sad. My husband asked what's wrong and I told him my silly dream.

    THE BEST I had a deep bronze copper color corvette in the garage when I came home from work the year I turned 31!!

    THE WORST we lost a family member the week before very unexpected. No chance for good byes

    THE POSITIVE we say we are sorry and I love you every morning a 20 yr standing joke. We don't put things off we want to do. Living life the best I can with my health.
    An_243216 replied to Empyrean13's response:
    Well your right servers are hassled on busy valentines day. Everyone is trying to impress the one they care for. I'm still just going to be pleasant, expect decent service and tip the standard amount.

    As for the rest of your Valentines days dislikes, well it sounds like your happy getting what you don't want ?!

    Dare I wish you happy Valentines day? I think so.
    3point14 responded:
    The best gift I ever got for Valentine's Day was two years ago. My BF and I spent the day in bed, drinking champagne and eating was the first day we exchanged "I love you"s. Still gives me butterflies every time I hear him say it.
    rohvannyn replied to 3point14's response:
    Best valentine's day gift? Probably the time when I was in college and my sweet buddy, basically an adopted older brother, came over with a beautiful striped rose and said "Happy Valentine's day, little sister." It was my first rose and the sweetest thing ever.

    Worst gift? I can't really think of one because I don't get too many. My SO hates the day. I can take it or leave it, so I leave it for her sake and just try to be sweet to her at other random times.

    My SO doesn't like V Day because of the rampant commercialism, and she doesn't like St. Valentine.
    MalibuSkipper replied to Olivia_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Sounds crazy, but I was hoping for a hand-vac this year!

    Really, I'm happy to just hang out with my daughter and maybe build a fire in the backyard so we can roast marshmallows.

    What are hoping for this Valentine's Day, Olivia?
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, all --

    a friend of mine gave his wife a bug-sprayer!

    -- susie margaret
    Anon_24351 replied to susiemargaret's response:
    My first job was at a flower store, we had to work around the clock night shifts to get the flowers ready for valentines day. One year I got out of working that schedule because my mom was dying, she died the day after Valentines day.
    This year my husband is going out of town for business on Valentines day, pooh.
    It is not my favorite holiday, sorry to rain on everyone's parade!
    Biruta7 responded:
    Teddy Bear Gram

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