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    Are you nice?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    A new study suggests that being nice (kindness and generosity) comes partly from our genes . But, it doesn't tell the whole story. Check out the article to find out what other factors go into the stew that makes up your personality.

    Are you nice? Too nice? Nice but with some naughty tossed in?

    Which one of your parents do you think most of your "nice" genes came from?

    Do you know someone who is definitely short on the "nice gene? (No names please, but stories are welcome.)

    (Tell the truth, now! We promise not to tell.)
    mandyelizabeth87 responded:
    I work at a large construction company inside of an office, sometimes it's hard not to be rude to people considering that the majority of this 20,000 employee construction site are males. There are females as well, but not even half of those 20,000 employees are female. So I get looked at, stared at, followed around in some instances, others try to go out of there way to talk to me when they don't even know me and I get asked if I have a boyfriend a lot of the time. I come to work to do just that, to make money and go home so I can support myself, it's not like I'm at some club with my girlfriends. I'm usually wearing work boots, safety glasses and a hardhat when I have to go outside.
    That kind of thing could irritate anyone, even a guy put a position of employment around a ton of females would start to feel weird and uncomfortable with the first mention of a period or menopause. So sometimes there are instances where it is difficult to always be nice. I try, I really do, but there are always those people that pluck your nerves by just looking at you.
    jayblackman replied to jenlewi's response:
    fenton04 replied to jayblackman's response:
    I am going out on a limb here but I am guessing you are in the not nice category?? I offer equal time to opposing viewpoints.
    jenlewi replied to fenton04's response:
    Thank you, fenton04, for your defense, but I didn't really feel the need to reply to someone who even types here as if he were texting. jayblackman is obviously everything I hate about rude cell phone users, so his less-than-charming response is not exactly unexpected. No doubt his limited and vaguely threatening response was the best he could do, which makes it rather pointless to engage him in debate.

    You, on the other hand, are quite obviously nice, since you responded with chivalry to something nasty against someone you don't even know. Thank you.
    Efficient01 replied to jenlewi's response:
    I agree that what that woman on the phone did was wrong but you didn't have the right to take her property. You crossed a line and treated her like she was your child.

    You should have called a manager and helped the woman that was hurt, it isn't your job to discipline a stranger in a grocery store.

    Sorry to say but jayblackman had a point. If you had taken my phone and hung up on my call I would have knocked you down and taken it back. What if she was talking to a hospital about a sick family member, doing a phone interview for a potential job that called her with no notice, or was taking some other important call? You had no right to put your hands on her or her property, no matter what she did wrong.
    Anon_68239 responded:
    Not sure how to answer that question.. I'll do everything I can to help out anyone but, I'm VERY impatient with anyone who's not in my immediate family. I can be downright mean to people who try to shove their beliefs down my throat, it's fine if someone wants to share but I know how to think and make my own decisions, thank you! I used to be one of those "too nice" people and got so tired of being a door mat. I am always polite and respectful but, I will not allow people that do not give me the same courtesy to pollute my life. As far as my parents go, my Mom is kind of outspoken and my Dad doesn't have anything to do with anyone that's not family or a long time friend so, that's probably where my attitude comes from.

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