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    Holiday Fundraising -- Yes or No?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Holiday fundraising. It's the time of year for ringing bells and multitudes of phone calls asking you to give to a variety of causes.

    Do you think it is fair to ask for so much giving during the holidays? Why or why not? How does it make you feel?
    DonaldDuck42 responded:
    Yes. Unfortunately, holiday fundraising is a necessary evil. There are so many people who don't have food or warm clothing, and it can be worse during the holidays.

    Does it stress me out? Yep. Every time I go into the grocery store there is a person out there glaring at me if I don't drop money in the bucket. I think the feeling is that if you're going into the store, then you MUST have money and should hand some of it over.

    Lots of folks are hurting financially right now, so don't judge others if they can't give. Just rejoice in the ones who can and do.

    csconnelly replied to DonaldDuck42's response:
    I adore the spirit of the holiday seasons.....Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., but have come to realize that it is our emphasis on presents at Christmas that make this such a distinct time of year. My husband and I give regularly to our local shelters for homeless men and homeless/battered women and children. Plus, as the grateful wife of a Navy veteran who survived not one but three active combat zones, I personally give to the USO a few times a year. So at the holidays, the only fundraisers that REALLY pull my heart strings are the men and women of the Salvation Army who have dedicated their lives to the "Army" and who are out ringing that bell come rain, snow, sleet or time of day. I've had a few family members who were members of the Salvation Army and they worked year round, not just at Xmas. People aren't any hungrier or colder or poorer or lonelier during the holidays. We simply put it in their face more at this time of year. Give year round like it's always the holidays the best you can and do something extra special for kids during the Christmas season. That has helped me let go of the "holiday charity guilt." I don't remember anything in the world's scriptures about being nicer in December. I think we're called on to help the "poor" all the time. And it's OK if sometimes we're the "poor" and sometimes we're the givers. It just makes us compassionate. Cynthia
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    I don't much care either way. Some people only give when they have someone glaring them in the eye making them feel guilty. I give to various charities in my community & in the nation through the whole year, not just the holidays & don't feel it's great to be pressured during the holidays to give even more. Perhaps my ideas of it have been damaged though considering that I once saw one of the salvation army volunteers outside of a walmart put $ that a woman handed him into his pocket instead of the bucket. I told the security at the walmart & I'm not sure what happened from there but I didn't seem him anymore.
    AsianCharm responded:
    Besides the hustling and bustling and Christmas music on the radio it also the season when we ball ringers for the Salvation Army volunteering their time to help those in need. Being a Human Service Major at a community college close to where I live I had a chance to see and get to know some who were down on their luck. I usually try to give what I can when I can It's not asking to much to drop whatever you can when you can the way I see it when I get my BA someday one those who are down on their luck may come to me for aid.

    JenPBDBP2 replied to DonaldDuck42's response:
    To paraphrase Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol, it is this festive time of year that want is most keenly felt. Therefore doing more this time is a good and kindkly thing to do. Not only that but charities often expect more at this time of year which they can then budget throughout the upcoming year. It helps everyone all the time, not just at the Christian holiday.
    An_241899 responded:
    Today outside my local grocery market, 2 women were asking for donations for a family in need.. I guess it depends on the source of how and who is asking.. If people want to ask for funds it doesn't bother me.. It more than anything makes me look at my heart and where I do want to give. My gut told me those women were running a scam.. It is sad I live in a city so full of homeless mentally ill people. I see it day to day. If I say no it means no. It is just choice to give or not to give.. I very much care about people, but work hard also..
    missashley1010 responded:
    Oh the Holidays tis the season for sharing and caring. I feel the need to be extra helpfull during christmas just because I knew if I was in some people position I would love the help. However everytime I go to the store I dont like to be glared at because I didnt put money in your bucket...deep down im thinking to myself hey buddy I just put money in that thing the other day and I am a one paying job household so please dont make me feel bad everytime I walk by..

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