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    Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit restaurants, movie theatres and stadiums in the city to selling drinks of only 16 ounces or less .

    While right now this would only affect the citizens of NYC, the supersize controversy has become a nationwide discussion due to anti-obesity campaigns.

    So, chime in and tell us what you think.

    Is it right to ban businesses from selling any size drinks they want?

    Will these limitations help cut down on obesity?
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to brendat52's response:
    Allow me to play devil's advocate...There is a limit as to how much alcohol you can drink. I am aware that drunk driving is a huge issue in this country, so limiting consumption makes sense. I am also aware that 68% of the country is considered overweight. Do people drink more than they are supposed to and drive, sadly yes. So there will always be someone trying to get away with doing something that is wrong or against the law. But if banning soda in large quantities can save a life or two, isnt it worth it?
    hyphothesize responded:
    The diabetic epidemic is in direct relationship to becoming plain FAT. We eat too much carbohydrates(bread)(potatoes)
    and ingest high fructose sugars. Insulin carries sugar to the cells where it is oxidized and produces energy. The excess sugar not needed for immediate exercise becomes fat. Our metabolism goes to hell. Limiting drink sizes won't help. I prefer labeling the drinks "This drink contains excessive amounts of sugar, a factor in diabetic onset and early death"
    RicRatCat responded:
    So instead of buying a 32oz drink, I would can buy two 16oz drinks. THAT makes a difference! Look out- an over-bloated Big Government is trying to get bigger!
    CARL0S_F replied to iocasta's response:
    City legislators are not qualified to determine whether or not drink size in fast food restaurants does indeed affect body size/weight, let alone to what extent if any.

    Furthermore, your argument is illogical because there is a much more simplistic answer to the issue of rising operating costs of city services. If rising obesity rates (or any other factor) cause the operating costs of such services to rise, rather than try to locate and ban a possible source based on a theory of some obscure connection as you've described, simply increase the fees associated to these services. In other words, if buses are more expensive to operate (for any reason), simply increase the bus fares.

    More trouble with your argument is that such legislation will not just affect city services. This ban would have negative affects on multiple people and businesses which are not at all associated. Those who would most feel the impact are the business owners selling these drinks. NOT the city services or any other loosely connected entity.
    Restaurants offer oversized drinks because they appeal to customers and result in higher sales with little to no increase in overhead expenses. Banning these drinks would hurt these businesses by removing a basic source of sales revenue thus lowering the profits made by these businesses (which in turn would lower the city tax revenues the businesses generate, which would further defeat the point of your argument.)

    In short, the city has a right to manage the services it offers such as busing but does NOT have the right to overregulate businesses and the personal food choices of citizens as it is inefficient, unethical and just plain unAmerican.
    CARL0S_F replied to fcl's response:
    But that's your trainer's job to make you think about that stuff. Not Bloomberg's.
    CARL0S_F replied to fcl's response:
    We already have the CHANCE. You're talking like we're all mindless drones who don't realize that the bigger drink will have more calories so we need the government to tell us we're not allowed. Because only then will we have an awareness that a refill might make us fat.
    The problem isn't that they're trying to make us think. The problem is that they're trying to think FOR us.

    and btw, I almost always order a small drink. But every now and then I'm really thirsty and I'm getting it to go so I get the big chug since i won't be able to get a refill.
    CARL0S_F replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    Conservative??? This is the brain child of the uber left wing radical mind!!! Only a liberal like Bloomberg would ever support this kind of garbage. It's the conservatives who are outraged that this has even been proposed.

    Besides, if the cola companies want to make you buy the smaller sizes so they can charge you more they don't need a law...they'd just stop offering the big sizes. duh

    Furthermore, the reason the big sizes are cheaper per ounce is simple:
    larger/bulk sizes = less processing/packaging = lower costs
    lowering the price for bulk items results in higher sales which results in more profits.
    CARL0S_F replied to brunosbud's response:
    HAHAHA!!! brunosbud think that factories are moving to China because of obesity!!! Hahahaha!!!!!

    Ever hear of a thing called "cheap labor?" They have a lot of that in China. Nearly regulation free too.
    CARL0S_F replied to Mark_SS's response:
    Love that solution but there's one problem. Part time employment won't feed my family or pay my bills.
    brunosbud replied to CARL0S_F's response:
    You got me, Carlos! Hey, one question, though...why's the labor so "cheap"?

    "...but when he discovered that Dou could not pay for the operation, and had no insurance coverage — at least as far as he knew — the doctor performed a simple amputation. Dou's boss paid, but when Dou demanded compensation he was fired. "I did not have a labour contract," Dou says. "Nor do I have the health insurance through my employer. No one would hire you here, if you insisted on having one."..."

    Do you think that's funny, Carlos? How much do you think health insurance costs these days?
    Anon_475 replied to CARL0S_F's response:
    A lot of people would be glad to be able to afford a trainer ...
    wind46beach36 replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    Do not apoligize for the rant, see your point, and do agree with your thoughts. Yes, where is the real America today. When it cmes to voting we need leaders who our truly for the people not against the people, this is something both parties need to learn.
    Lefty2121 responded:
    Wow this is so insane!! We are all adults here so I hope and pray that people can make the right choice!! Do you really need that 64 oz drink that a 12 oz or 16 oz wont quench your thrist!!
    Anon_34374 replied to Lefty2121's response:
    do i really need you or anyone else telling me what i can or cannot drink?
    kirstieleah98 responded:
    I don't think it's right. I personally share the largest drink at the movies with both my children. that way it's cheaper and once it's gone, it's gone.

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