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    Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit restaurants, movie theatres and stadiums in the city to selling drinks of only 16 ounces or less .

    While right now this would only affect the citizens of NYC, the supersize controversy has become a nationwide discussion due to anti-obesity campaigns.

    So, chime in and tell us what you think.

    Is it right to ban businesses from selling any size drinks they want?

    Will these limitations help cut down on obesity?
    An_241374 responded:
    holy $#!t you people who are ok with this legislation are sheep. what else would you like your government to do for you that you are too lazy or uneducated to do for yourselves?

    do you have any interest in living your own lives, or are you that fixated on having some external entity script your behavior? free will and self-responsibility are gifts...they are what separate you from the beasts of the earth. if you are that unappreciative of them, could you please just leave...the soon as possible...and take Bloomberg with you.

    fastNfurious1954 responded:
    3point14 replied to fcl's response:
    I think it's bizarre that people then don't just stop and think for themselves! I mean, the kind of person who finishes a huge drink that they're not thirsty for just seems dumb to me, to be frank.

    I think this whole issue plays into something I hate about the American attitude regarding food and drink. Humans need to eat and drink to stay alive, not for sociability or to fill up the holes they feel in their personal lives. We're encouraged to super size everything because, hey, for ten cents more we get twice as much. I think that culture encourages laziness and a lack of personal responsibility with people and their health, and when we have a country of people eating with their hearts and wallets and not their stomachs, well, is it a shock that our obesity rates are outrageous?!

    I just also guess I don't see where it's beneficial to have a "policy" regarding food that isn't "Stop drinking when you're not thirsty and stop eating when you're not hungry". I think the fact that Americans "need" legislation for this is a damn shame, and I don't think it's really the level of involvement I want from the city in which I would live.
    hairyd replied to An_241374's response:
    okay, war against big sodas? Huh?! Just relax, have a Coke and a smile I'm going to a 7/11 in NYC to buy a Big Gulp!
    If Bloomberg arrest me, Is another reason for over load of courts. Over crowded Jails. Just the begining. China limits you to one CHILD.

    Such a pivotal time in our nation .. I hope our leaders make the right decisions for America in the days to follow. .

    Someone always want to change things. I like modern things, but a Man should be a man as he was in the 1960. We know how to THINK. Why soda's? Guys will drink a SIX PACK OF beer.
    Anon_167186 responded:
    No i dont think it will help, it starts at home
    Anon_167186 replied to hairyd's response:
    Omg i love big gulps lol we have a 7/11 here in maryland and i swear if i would get fat i would live off there big gulps and corn dogs amazing lol
    Anon_167186 replied to Anon_167186's response:
  • *wouldnt**
    davedsel57 responded:
    No, these measures will not help cut down on obesity.

    Ironically, I read this article earlier today that is about Mayor Bloomberg supporting National Donut Day while wanting to ban these drinks:
    Anon_130552 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Follow the Dollar $$$$
    lovely_lemon_tree responded:
    That is a most disgusting and backhanded way to "help" the obesity epidemic.

    If a person is really out to drink 44 oz of a soft drink, they're going to do it anyway. A person will simply have to buy more than one container to do it. And because they are more expensive to do it on an individual basis, that's more money for the cola companies. The large drinks are, by unit, less expensive than the smaller ones.

    What a truly repulsive and CONSERVATIVE thing to do. It's like NYC is routing the money straight into Pepsi-Cola's bank account. They couldn't have outright said "oh, we're going to support Coca-Cola's right to exploit vulnerable people" so they're doing it in a sickly and sneaky and completely DISHONORABLE way. They SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.
    katmandulou responded:
    I'm with the commenters who say stay out of my soda cup. You know that the 16oz sodas will come at a 32oz soda price!

    I can't have artificial sweeteners, bad allergic reaction. Why do they want to punish me, and those like me?

    It will NOT cut down on obesity
    suzimmy responded:
    No type of government should dictate portions of food in any way shape or form. That is what the Nazi government in Germany did. They dictated to the public..what they were allowed to do or what they were allowed not to do even in minor detail. It is an individuals choice how little or how much they consume, whether it is healthy for them or not. This is a free country not a dictatorship.
    Anon_145065 responded:
    Although it is a nice thought, and I myself have cut my diet soda intake to 1 per day, the government, in any form, does not have the right to do this. These little steps they are taking are just a sample of what 3rd. World countries live with every day!

    The people of the USA have spent many years & sacrificed many people gaining and keeping the freedom we have in our wonderful country. Do not let them take it away: not even a drink at a time.
    swsays responded:
    I understand the issue since obesity leads to health issues which leads to increased medical cost which means that we all end up paying for it. However, I don't want the government to control most of my life's activities. A ban is stupid since the only way to control a persons weight is for that person to have the discipline to do it. Calories in means calories on. Eat less or exercise more. It really is that simple. And no, I don't want to pay for a fat persons health care either.
    butterflygarden responded:
    Oh for heaven's sake! I read about this last week, and thought it was nuts.

    Seems like the NYC government folks blowing smoke to LOOK like they are trying to do something about the obesity epidemic. The only people who are going to stop us from being fat is US...each individual. The information is out there, and we have to make the right choices.

    Why waste city tax dollars and cost citizens MORE money (Because you KNOW the prices will go up to make up for the loss of those drink sizes.) on this fruitless endeavor?

    No, this will NOT do anything to decrease obesity.


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