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    Ban on "Supersize" Drinks in NYC?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    New York City Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit restaurants, movie theatres and stadiums in the city to selling drinks of only 16 ounces or less .

    While right now this would only affect the citizens of NYC, the supersize controversy has become a nationwide discussion due to anti-obesity campaigns.

    So, chime in and tell us what you think.

    Is it right to ban businesses from selling any size drinks they want?

    Will these limitations help cut down on obesity?
    melife responded:
    The government needs to keep out of peoples lives. A person can sell or buy any sized soft drinks they choose. The government has no right or legal ground to control this. If they did then they would say how much meat, exercise, gasolline, etc an indivicual should have. The government can and should educate the public about why they feel people should drink less soda.
    focalpointer responded:
    No way. This is big brother. Let me make my own intelligent choices.
    brunosbud replied to focalpointer's response:
    Intelligent choices is precisely Bloomberg's contention...

    Anybody who'd order a 44 oz soda, clearly, can't make any.
    An_245761 responded:
    Drinks are not the only source of obesity, It is about portion control. I don't think limiting drinks from restaurants will help cure the obesity, It's how much intake overall is what each individual should worry about. Although it is true that it can be a good temptation but each one of us can choose which one you can drink and how much you think is enough.
    Anyway well all have to worry how to discipline ourselves first before we discipline others.

    No, it is not right to ban businesses to sell any size drinks and if they do, maybe they should ban all the businesses from selling more of everything.
    KotoKeeperOfTheOcean responded:
    Just because way to many adults don't care what they eat, they should not be allowed to feed their kids junk food and then they will end up the same way, overweight sickly and more doctor time.
    People that live on junk food, get fat and or unhealthy should have to pay more for insurance, same as smokers, druggies prescription or not and heavy drinkers.
    Their total abuse and not caring or addictions should cost them more and maybe just maybe, when one must pay, the mind kicks in, if not, they must pay their fair share for not taking care.

    Remember K I S S Keep It Simple Stupid
    Eat Right, Exercise, Have Respect for Self, Others, Be Fully Responsible for One Actions and a Good Life Will Happen
    fenton04 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Perfect senario for re education camps. The job of identifing and rounding up obese people will be easy and save our government money. Long live chairman Bloomberg! All hail the peoples republic of new york city!!
    AmandaDanielleBrown responded:
    soon the goverment is just going to give us little cards saying how many times we can eat fast food a week. why are they so concerned with soda intake? its not the worst thing out there. i mean after the mcdonalds were shoving into our faces, i dont think much can be worse than that
    AmandaDanielleBrown replied to brunosbud's response:
    obestiy is a choice, let the people make their own choices. its not harming anyone but them.
    suz4liberty responded:
    Why should any government,(city,state or federal) tell us what we can or can't eat or drink? We are adults and have free choice. Also, as adults, we have the right to let our children eat or drink what we CHOOSE.....not big brother!! This is too much government control and less liberty for us. I say butt out to the government.
    brunosbud replied to AmandaDanielleBrown's response:
    "Its not harming anyone else." Really? You sure about that?

    Any factor...obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, whatever...that weakens the competitive strength of the American workforce compromises our country's ability to compete in the global marketplace. Why do you think American companies, particularly manufacturing, have moved production facilities to China? You think we wish to spread the wealth? Why do think several states have already moved to charge obese state employees higher medical insurance rates? You think they want to "teach them a lesson"?

    Your words are based on the assumption that economy moves independent of the health of its people...

    In the words of the great Mr. Nicholson: Go sell crazy somewhere else...

    ADB, I don't know how old you are but I pray you're presently on Medicare, now, and enjoying those sweet $10 copays. Because, if you're not, you're gonna remember this discussion years from now and realize a very hard truth...

    We are all effected by Obesity.
    bravo16701 responded:
    that is a joke.. i drink 4 liters of dr pepper every day and i only weigh 170 lbs. pop doesnt make you fat i think these people should concern themselves with real isues.
    Mark_SS responded:
    Looking at history we would find that when a government entity wants to take things away it later gets over turned. The best thing we can do is to educate and support people. I personally think government control is over stepping their boundaries and will only causes people to go underground or purchase multiple drinks to satisfy their desires (which only adds to pollution the problem).
    If you want to cure obesity I refer back to a cartoon I read some years ago. If everyone worked part time there would be less job stress, everyone could be employed, there would be time to enjoy life and exercise plus many of the health problems would go away. The only problem is that it makes too much sense. I think there was a lot of common sense in that cartoon. I think our lifestyles have has much to do with obesity and what we drink is only a small part of the problem.
    brunosbud replied to bravo16701's response:
    Agreed legislation can resolve that kind of reasoning.
    TODDTHEMAN responded:
    If sugar is the the demise of the human race that everyone thinks it is, then how about having the food manufacturers limit its use.

    Look at the beverage section alone, with the exception of water, and the diet beverages that contain chemicals that will probably make your face fall off, have fun trying to find a beverage that has no sugar.

    While it is true that everything in moderation is the key, the food manufacturers are there to make things consumer's will buy at the cheapest cost.

    Therefore, for the people that wish to eat like a ravenous lion, and then choose not to exercise, should demand something from the food manufacturers that isn't full of sugar.

    Tell them to leave the real nutrients in place and not process the heck out of the food, just to replace what they removed with some sort of chemical.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to TODDTHEMAN's response:
    Todd id have to agree with you. But the manufacturers know that with all that sugar, people will get hooked on it and crave it...dare i say addicted. You cant even get a glass of juice with out being loaded with sugar, now granted those sugars are found naturally in most fruits.

    But for food manufacturers to to make more natural food, it will cost them more, which will then cost the customer more. And in this economic climate, its a death wish for a restaurant to try and be healthy. They wont be able to compete with an over processed dollar menu. A family of four on a budget will pick the cheapest thing possible the majority of the time.

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