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    Supreme Court Upholds Most of Health Care Law
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Breaking News: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld most of the Affordable Care Act in a decision made today.

    How do you feel about this decision?

    We'll keep you updated on any new details as the story unfolds.

    Cindymccoy28 responded:
    I think it stinks bad. I'm on medicare and it's already affecting that. It has gone up so high. My portion has gone sky rocket high.I will not be able to do all the things my doctors want. I'm really afraid.
    mhall6252 responded:
    I'm happy with the decision. I am happy for all the future cancer patients and others with serious illnesses who will not have to go bankrupt to pay for medical treatment.
    ibex7 responded:

    "A Government that can give you everything you want,

    can TAX everything you have." - U. S Supreme Court 2012
    rohvannyn responded:
    I'm terrified too. If I am forced to buy insurance, which costs around two hundred dollars PER PAY PERIOD then I won't be able to buy any healthy food, or pay half of my bills. I would be starving to death or homeless but semi-covered by a health care system that does not leave any room for healthy habits or actually taking care of myself.

    The supreme court knew their decision would be unpopular, that is why they delayed announcing that decision until they had already left for the season.

    I don't think it's right to force people to buy something they may never use. Already, due to the changes, many college age kids can no longer afford their own healthcare and have to go on their parents' insurance with no choice in the matter.

    I hope common sense prevails.
    winap replied to mhall6252's response:
    Like it all you want, live with that "pie in the sky" outlook. Reality is Medicare has already gone up and has cut out tests and prescriptions they used to cover and I have already had to cancel test my doctor wanted me to take because I could not afford them!
    Anon_963 responded:
    I'm very happy about it!
    iocasta replied to Cindymccoy28's response:
    Wait your are against, or rather upset by this, because your national social health insurance administered by the federal government is costing you more? So you want it for yourself but not for the millions of others without health insurance.
    An_246198 responded:
    What about low income single or divorced and widowed effected by poverty and is qualified for state's MEDI-CAL will that be affected as well? I'm just asking.
    jis4judy responded:
    I think it is a good thing there is a lot in that ruling that makes a lot of sense , like the part about health insurance co have to spend 80% of the income on services provided
    aso the part about all children being covered as well as adults on low income through medicaid they even upped the income levels I am sure it will get tweaked some along the years but all in all it is a good thing especially about existing that part

    jis4judy replied to An_246198's response:
    Yes low income adults are also included in medicaid or whatever your state calls it the only problem I see is the States do have a choice in whether or not to accept the federal money to provide or not .
    brunosbud responded:
    The correlation between age and advocacy for this piece of legislation cannot be ignored. This law works as long as unemployment and the health of Americans does not worsen. From my perspective, them's 2 mighty dangerous 'sumptions.
    StacySuzanne responded:
    The federal government has absolutely no business being involved in healthcare. Bigger government, more taxes for those of us who are working, and now people who chose not to have insurance will be forced to purchase it.....hmmmm.. be careful what you wish for....
    Anon_756 replied to StacySuzanne's response:
    I am happy with the decision. There are a lot of positives to this law.
    First of all it covers those who have pre-existing conditions, it raises the lifetime limits so those who have serious medical conditions and reach limits will have coverage. Coverage to age 26 for college students.
    Just like other health care laws remember COBRA? things will be changed/tweeked as time goes on. I think all in all in reading almost all of the law it is a good thing. Sure things should be tweeked.
    I find it so interesting that people will insure thier homes, cars but not their bodies. It is not forcing health coverage . You have a choice to pay a fee/fine (tax) or pay premiums just like auto insurance.
    I have never not been without health insurance. I have at times struggled to pay for it but always had it. Why? Because if something health wise happens it is far better to pay the premium and be covered than not. Just like car insurance. I would rather pay premium than wreck my car without insurance.
    There are policies that are catastrophic policies that do not charge a lot per month. I had one after I got off my parents policy at age 21.
    rohvannyn replied to Anon_756's response:
    Those catastrophic policies are raising their prices and/or going away because of changes in requirements. Premiums are already going up. Coverage is already going down. I work for a mail order pharmacy and I see this all the time. This will get worse as more parts of the law take effect. Younger folks seem to have less problems with the ruling because they focus on the parts of the law that sound good like free birth control, but older folks (as I've seen anyway) tend to get more of the bad effects. There are a lot of parts of this act that sound good on the surface but cause huge problems when they are actually implemented. If this goes through I will be paying money I can't afford, forced to buy coverage I don't need, and the only alternative will be to go on the government dole when I am currently independent. I don't want to steal from other people and I don't want them stealing from me.

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