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    Supreme Court Upholds Most of Health Care Law
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Breaking News: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld most of the Affordable Care Act in a decision made today.

    How do you feel about this decision?

    We'll keep you updated on any new details as the story unfolds.

    Echo1968 replied to granny_1's response:
    I totally agree. Something needs to be done about health care. But THIS is not the answer. It IS a sad day for Americans and I'm afraid one that most of us will live to regret.
    Anon_4858 responded:
    I dont understand something. A lot of people are complaining that they wont be able to afford insurance (even though there will be subsidies for low income people/families). What happens now if, heaven forbid, they find something like cancer? Or if you have an accident and break your leg? Or even something as simple as getting an infection? You certainly wont be able to afford going to the dr then, so who pays for it? Everyone else does. Why is that fair to everyone else who does have insurance? Why should I have to pay for you to get medical treatment, while you dont? This way you will have insurance to help pay for it, so the cost for the rest of us will decrease.

    Plus, now that there are more options to choose from when buying insurance, they will have to start offering competative pricing. That too will decrease the cost.

    It's also funny hearing people say that they are going to move to Canada because of the ruling...and Canada has socialist healthcare. Ironic...
    nicegirl42 responded:
    Writing as a Canadian I admittedly do not know much about Obamacare and the fierce debate it has fueled.

    Having said that I wonder if all of your elected representatives that have platinum healthcare plans provided by the government and paid for by you the tax payer are screaming about how unjust that is? Seems to me they are receiving government healthcare plans most Americans can only dream about. What's good for the goose doesn't seem to be good for the gander!
    nicegirl42 replied to Anon_4858's response:
    Canada does not have socialist healthcare. We pay significantly higher taxes in this country for our supposedly 'free' system. I pay for it and I am entitled to use it. It isn't perfect by any stretch but I'll take it over the sorry-you've-had-a-heart-attack-sell-your-house-if-you-want-to-be-able-to-afford-treatment scenarios.
    lawrence97431 replied to Anon_756's response:
    If I agree with you, I imagine my thoughts would constitute valued input. But, if I disagree, I'm griping. Even if I did agree with you, your condescension would be unattractive.

    I don't own a car. That's how I manage to avoid having to buy car insurance. And, I have enjoyed good health all my life, so not only have I chosen to self-insure (my life, my call), I have also managed to do so without either enriching the insurance companies or burdening you in any way.

    I am an American living in China (my life, my call). I'm wondering just how this law benefits me in any way other than lightening my burdensome savings account.

    "Does it need tweaks?" Ha!
    rhondamay responded:

    I applaud the decision! The Affordable Care Act is not perfect but it is a tremendous start. Now we don't have to worry about discriminatory policies of the insurance industry, denial of coverage because of pre-existing conditions and in August preventative care will be covered with no deductible. Health Care is a right not a privilege for the first time in this country.

    An_246234 responded:
    Thrilled. I am a responsible, working citizen but I have MS and it is extremely difficult for me to find healthcare with this preexisting condition. I just wish there had been a government insurance option.
    An_246234 replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Common Sense means you will have to use healthcare services eventually. Everyone does. I was a completely healthy 25-year-old with no illnesses, injuries... not even a broken bone. One day I lost my eyesight in one eye... in a single morning. Hundreds of Thousands of dollars later I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis. The weekly shot for this ... $1000 a week... not to mention follow up treatments. Car accidents happen. Illnesses happen. Life happens and if you don't have insurance, someone else has to pay for you or you spend your entire life in debt with no hope for anything better. Common Sense did prevail. I'm just lucky I had insurance when I got sick.
    momaskinghelp replied to snj80's response:
    If you are 31 and a single mother, you NEED health insurance more than anyone. What would happen to your kids if something happened to you? Or worse, what if something happened to them?
    purplegpsy88 replied to mhall6252's response:
    What about us how aren't in to money like you maybe and can't afford it, especially those of us with pre-existing conditions who will have to pay more for insurance premiums just because of this fact. Not that I do not have insurance which by the way I had to fight to get. Our government at work.
    purplegpsy88 replied to iocasta's response:
    That's exactly what their saying!
    purplegpsy88 replied to Anon_4858's response:
    I'm one of those people and was told by the state I made to much money of the fixed income I live off each month. I have some many things going on with majorly that no insurance company will take unless I pay a higher premium for those pre-existing conditions. Can't afford them and state says I make to much, what's wrong with that picture.
    Anon_475 replied to nicegirl42's response:
    nicegirl42, so many Americans are afraid of the word "socialist" that they don't even know what it means. This means that they get shafted from every direction. But they are so relieved that they're not socialist that they're happy to be shafted.
    bob249 replied to rhondamay's response:
    I can't find the quote, but I did read the esteemed Thomas Sowell said, to the effect:

    I cannot understand how people who believe the cost of hospitals, doctors and medications are too expensive now

    while believing the cost of hospitals, doctors, medications plus a huge government bureaucracy will be less ...

    Until people change from "what's in it for me" to "what's good for everyone AND the country"

    we will continue to slide gently into socialism

    INSURANCE IS the villain, not the savior!
    They take Thirty percent off the top to collect premiums, aggravate participants (patients and doctors) endlessly and then pay a few claims ... contributing NOTHING material to society
    An_248460 replied to ibex7's response:
    I agree 1000%!!!!
    What you fail to put in your points(WebMd) is first who is going to pay to insure all these people our bankrupt country...the cost of Obama care keeps getting higher and higher by the day. Way over what they originally told us. Maybe we should talk to Canada with there health care. We will not be able to see a Dr. for months or even years. There are panels that will tell you who is worth saving and who isn't. If I was an elderly person I would be very worried. People you really need to do your homework on the Obama Care. They sugar coat it way too much...GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!

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