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    Long term effects of anal sex
    An_214737 posted:
    Will having alot of anal sex cause problems for the woman later on in her life?
    elle0317 responded:
    Describe 'alot'

    I've been engaging in anal sex for 17 years and nothing has changed or caused me any problems. As long as he uses lots of lube and is careful to go at a pace you are comfortable with there wouldn't be any problems.
    hairyd responded:
    The doctor has told us this could cause problems . But this is my wife requested position. She wants a fast pace therefore alot of lotion to make me delay ejection with my girth 6 inches.
    Duckblind responded:
    I do not see how any problems could occur long term (or short term) because of anal sex.

    Just like vaginal sex, if it hurts - change positions.
    An_214738 replied to elle0317's response:
    Thanks for the info. I just needed to know from others' experience.
    missnya75 responded:
    Most people will have problems. That area is not meant for that if i can bring that to your attention. The type of tissue in our anal area is not designed to withstand that kind of activity. Vaginal tissue is designed for that. Just like smoking not every smoker will end up with lung cancer, COPD or emphysema, but it surely increases your risks of developing those diseases. That being said anal sex does have long term effects. Some people can be lucky not to see the effects in thier lifetime. Others can suffer adverse effects like rectal prolapse, perforation which can go septic. These issue can develope soon or over a period of time. It is always better to hear the information from your family physician. The bottom line is you might not be lucky enough to do it for a long time with no repercussions. Be careful and be friends with you physician.
    3point14 replied to missnya75's response:
    Most people have problems? Shouldn't that mean that all older gay men are incontinent? Prolapse can happen vaginally as well.

    To the OP, anal sex is just like vaginal or oral sex in that, the more you take care of your health as a whole, the more healthful the sex is going to be. If you're very clean, very lubricated, and not being hammered away at excessively, it should be safe. In the same way that exercising pelvic floor muscles is good for the vagina, you can decrease the risk of "looseness" by exercising the muscles in your behind.
    elle0317 replied to missnya75's response:
    Old age causes prolapse, both vaginally and anally. There are people who have anal prolapses and never engaged in anal sex.
    missnya75 replied to elle0317's response:
    Ooh well many old people have no prolapse. Quite a number of child bearing women have suffered from vaginal prolapse. However anal sex does increase the risk of anal prolapse. Like I said before not all will be unlucky enough to suffer. Surely you guys can defend it as you can, ask your own doctors they will tell you the risk is high when you engange in anal sex. I am not trying to tell anyone here not to do it because those are personal choices and I respect that. I am trying to let the truth known. Yes it is risky but do it with caution and never be surprised if health issues starts coming up soon or later(20 years or more who knows). If I can add to it, 3point14 mentioned "gay older men", noone knows if they have problems or not, if they do they will never come forward and parade their rectal problems.
    3point14 replied to missnya75's response:
    Noone knows if they have problems or not?

    The doctors who conduct the studies and the staticians who put them together know, actually,as would anyone who read those statistics. And gay men are not significantly statistically more likely than people who don't engage in regular anal sex to have prolapse.

    In the same way people don't ask teens to "parade" their sexual practices, there are still statistics about teen pregnancy. It's not a matter of asking people to "parade" their rectums, studies are done to provide facts about issues.
    elle0317 replied to missnya75's response:
    I'm going to use your own words here....."no one knows if they have problems or not, if they do they will never come forward and parade their rectal problems".....isn't that the whole basis of your argument? I mean opinion. You said 'most people will have problems'. So all those people came forward and paraded their rectal problems around? I think you are so against it that you will resort to spewing myths NOT truth as you claim.
    hairyd replied to elle0317's response:
    Anal sex poses all kinds of unreasonable health risks , as the anus was not engineered for things going in, only out.
    The health complications of this kind of regular activity can often lead to hemorrhoids, fissures, or infections.

    Therefore enter with care, But Enjoy. My wife loves IT in rear.
    Karen Luster, MD responded:
    There are no specific risks of having anal sex as long as your partner is not infected with any STDs. Your doctor may have been alluding to the contraction of the human papillomavirus or HPV. This has been linked to cervical and anal diseases including cancer. There is no way to test you partner to see whether he or she has anal HPV. Even if your partner has admitted to ever having genital warts which is caused by HPV, this does not mean they carry the HPV type that causes cancer. However, getting anal disease from HPV has nothing to do with how long you have sex but with whom you have sex. If they have the HPV virus that can potentially lead to anal disease or cervical disease, then you can contract it if they are carrying the HPV type that puts you at risk for anal disease or cervical cancer. This is not also not gender specific.
    elle0317 replied to hairyd's response:
    Hairy D, you can have health complications from vaginal sex like little tears and infections. It's not the act itself, it's the method (how you do it). I've never had an infection or hemorrhoids in my 17 years of enjoying the back door pleasures.
    3point14 replied to hairyd's response:
    Wow, so even though you think that it has unreasonable health risks and it's not made for that kind of activity AND that it causes all kinds of problems including infection, you still do it with your wife?! That's pretty awful.

    If you really believe all those horrible side effects, why do you risk doing that to your wife?

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