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    What's Happening Now

    17 year old son w/Bipolar II and addiction
    I have a 17 year old son who was diagnosed with Bipolar II and addiction a few months ago. He went to a 45 day...More
    Posted by twhite19
    Reply: depressed 25 year old
    Hey there....sorry to say I'm experiencing the same thing with my 27 year old son! I share your exact...More
    Posted by Sunny01756
    Reply: Lazy angry daughter
    Lots of support. Doesn't change the craziness. She's on meds. Takes as prescribed. No therapist but no...More
    Posted by mom_debbie68
    Reply: 6 year old and abilify-should he be
    We saw the same results with stimulants. Did you find a medication that was a better fit?
    Posted by RRmommy
    Reply: Scared for my daughter
    Hello again, That's great she has your mom to go to. Is your daughter going to school and doing alright...More
    Posted by momuv4girls

    Take the Poll

    Force her into counseling or a lockdown facility. Or just continue trying to keep track of her.
    • Counseling
    • Facility
    • Both
    • Neither
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    Scared for my daughter
    My daughter attempted to overdose last week. She is almost 17. S while we were at the hospital we decided...More
    Posted by kingstonmama
    Depression with teenage daughters or sons
    I have a 17 year old daughter that is diagnosed with Major Deprossive disorder and she won't take medicine for...More
    Posted by Kas67
    Reply: teen recent depression diagnosis
    I apologize for my delay in responding. I urge you to look into joining the online community I have been a...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Frustrated!
    Hi Mom, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. How is she doing in the hospital? Does she have a...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: feeling helpless
    Hi, I have heard this story more often than I'd like, and I'm so sorry!!! I would definitely get support...More
    Posted by momuv4girls

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    what can you do when your 18 year old refuses counseling?
    • go to counseling yourself
    • continue to try to convince her
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    depressed 25 year old
    I'm new here and I'm not sure if this discussion is for parents of young kids only, but I thought I'd give it...More
    Posted by utzybuzzy
    Reply: Depressed daughter
    Hi Mom, You're certainly not alone. There are plenty of us parents out here who are living similar lives. ...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Depressed daughter
    Hello, my name is Sunni and I'm the mother of 3. My daughter is my oldest and the only girl. She is 11 and...More
    Posted by An_266544
    Depressed daughter
    Hello, my name is Sunni and I'm the mother of 3. My daughter is my oldest and the only girl. She is 11 and...More
    Posted by An_266544
    Reply: 12 yr. old daughter with depression and anxiety
    Thank you for the things to watch for. She has had a hard time sleeping now. But she seems less irritable...More
    Posted by tstuning
    Reply: Urgent help needed in chicago
    Hi, I am so very sorry to hear your son is struggling I understand when your child is suffering it takes...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Need advice feeling hopeless
    Hi worriedparent, It is important for you and her father to get counseling too - to learn how to best...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Cutting
    My daughter is 14 yrs old. She gets frustrated and depressed. She is really sensitive. She can't deal...More
    Posted by worriedparent40
    Reply: Abilify is really helping
    My daughter is also on Ability and I can tell when she missed a day. It does help her
    Posted by worriedparent40
    Reply: How to parent an emotional child
    My daughter is 14yrs old. She has always suffered with depression. This past past 1 1/2 yrs has been...More
    Posted by worriedparent40
    Reply: 7 yr old on Abilify
    I have recently gotten power of attorney of my grandson due to him acting out in school and displaying every...More
    Posted by Bdchantell
    Reply: worried mom...
    Hi Mom, Am wondering if you're seeing any improvement in your son? How is his depression? -KathleenMore
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Natural alternatives for bipolar treatment??
    Great thanks for the info I will check it out!! Thanks KimMore
    Posted by bipolar9yearoldson
    Reply: I'm 17
    Hi, I'm the parent of a 16 year old who's going through the same thing that you are. I was blown away by...More
    Posted by undefined
    Reply: Abilify in 9 year olds?
    Sorry for my delayed response. I urge you to look at this wonderful organization that I have been a part...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Depression in 8 yr old
    So I wanted to give an update, since the end of May we have completely cut out tv/electronic time...More
    Posted by worriedmomanddad
    Reply: Need insight
    It is a hard road sorry you are starting on it. Very similar situation with my 13 1/2 year old daughter, right...More
    Posted by elemlms
    Reply: suspecting depression
    Your healthcare provider is the best person to diagnose postpartum depression and to help you with finding...More
    Posted by marklewis1
    Reply: Urgently need advice to deal with possibly suicida...
    Hi John Im new here...but I have a child in a very volatile state as well. I see your post was a few months...More
    Posted by jersey542
    Reply: Helping parents
    I completely agree - it's HARD!!! I have been dealing with my daughter's mental health struggles for over...More
    Posted by momuv4girls

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    We have two sons we adopted at birth. One is 25 and doing ok. The other is 7 years younger. He always had a difficult time in school. We had him in a ...More

    Helpful Tips

    Your healthcare provider is the best person to diagnose postpartum depression and to help you with finding some treatment. Mahendra ... More
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