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    Reg:Embryo grading
    Hello, We are going for frozen embryo transfer this month. These are my grades Day 5: 3AB, 3AB, 3AB, 3AB...More
    Posted by Indu2015
    Infertility treatment abroad will cost less!
    I had my treatment at , I gotta mention that I travelled from NY to Cyprus for that,...More
    Posted by nspkci
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    Why Endometriosis will Cause Infertility in Women?
    Endometriosis is a complex and painful disease that occurs in most of women. In endometriosis, tissue...More
    Posted by sophiesu123
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    HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK(((WhatsApp +27784916490))
    Call & WhatsApp+27784916490 Instant Death Spell, Revenge Spell, Divorce Spell, Fertility/Pregnancy...More
    Posted by mcclellan841
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    Reply: NEW HOPE TO GET PREGNANT: Mini-IVF less medicine, ...
    What do you think IVF clinics in Cyprus??? My sister will have her treatment there under North Cyprus IVF...More
    Posted by monicamontes
    Reply: Checking in and might try again
    We are now in our 2nd treatment cycle, #4 IUI with Follistim, Ovidrel, Crinone Cycle. Met with RE last week...More
    Me(34) DH(36)Adopted DS (3): TTC since 8/2004, 6 m/c's, many inject/combo IUI C's all BFN, FVL, MTHFR, Endo, PCOS, lap/hystero's 7/07
    Posted by mpaul159
    Reply: try again or ivf w pgd?
    Hi, I had suffered some serious complications in conceiving because of my late marriage,but then my aunt...More
    Posted by smarika_pant
    Reply: IUI and Unexplained Infertility
    I would suggest you to consult Southend Fertility & ivf. One of my family friends were facing the same...More
    Posted by dogra_amita
    Ordering fertility meds from
    I'm posting here to hopefully save some of you from dealing with We ordered meds from them for...More
    Posted by pdh129CA
    Ordering fertility meds from
    I'm posting here to hopefully save some of you from dealing with We ordered meds from them for...More
    Posted by pdh129CA
    Tips to Reverse Infertility and Get Pregnant Natur...
    Real People. Real Results. Over 137,000 Women Got Pregnant Using Pregnancy Miracle The video...More
    Posted by chronicpainrelief
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    Reply: Secondary insurance for additional infertility cov...
    Sadly everything in my entire journey was out of pocket except our insurance covered 50% of just the office...More
    Was on ITSG since May of 2004....due to PCOS, tubal, and male factor issues, 5 years of TTC, numerous surgeries, IUI's, and 3 IVF's later, our little girl, Shelby Faith, was born on 5/29/09.
    Posted by susan1777

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    Reply: Abnormal Sperm Morphology
    You should surely get in touch with Dr. Vandana Bhatia ,from Southend Fertility and IVF ,South Delhi. I am...More
    Posted by riya11verma
    Reply: New to IUI
    Have you done some tests for a check with your condition? If u suffer from UTI, you can try Diuretic and...More
    Posted by An_263480
    Reply: Endometriosis/bicornuate uterus
    You are so brave to have your endometiosis removed. In fact, you can try Fuyan pill to avoid the surgery...More
    Posted by An_263480
    Reply: Visual Problems With Clomid
    I have same problem now, I am on my second post cycle week with clomid at 150mg a day and at night when i...More
    Posted by undefined
    Reply: Trigger Shot Site Red and a little puffy
    I used to get an allergic reaction for one of my shots. It may gaffe been the trigger shot. I am allergic to...More
    Posted by zippora
    Reply: Any 40+ like me looking into fertility
    My name is Camille bruno Valdez my partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now,...More
    Posted by camillebrunovaldez
    Reply: Blocked tube,Endometriosis,PCOS, and Heart Shaped ...
    Endometriosis is a common disease for women in the age of 30-40. Young girls seldom have...More
    Posted by diseasefighter
    FMLA for IUI
    Folks My HR dept is willing to approve FMLA for my IUI procedures every month but I want to know how it...More
    Posted by An_260065
    Varicocele and semen quality
    I have varicocele in my left testicle. It is quite big. I got my semen analysis report and my sperm count is...More
    Posted by man1986
    Latest Fertility Treatment including IVF, ICSF and...
    Fertility care has made several leaps in the recent past with the best techniques now available at...More
    Posted by rainbowhospital
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    Reply: Advanced Fertility Tests & Treatment dealing with ...
    You can also try More
    Posted by amymomof2
    Reply: Financing Your Fertility Treatment
    You can also try More
    Posted by amymomof2
    Reply: Started my first dose of Lupron today
    I am so happy that you are are taking the steps of doing what you have to do to become a mother. I needed...More
    Posted by amymomof2
    Started my first dose of Lupron today
    I found this discussion and I was so happy their are people I can talk to who've been where I am today....More
    Posted by gabbythenewbe1
    Abnormal Sperm Morphology and proxeed
    has any one used proxeed for Abnormal Sperm Morphology how are the results More
    Posted by omer123
    Can i be pregnant?
    Hi everyone... we both are trying over 2 years now. i was diagnosed with PCOS. my doctor prescribed me clomid...More
    Posted by An_257663
    Reply: anyone had a high IVF baseline estrogen and had su...
    Appreciation to chief oduwa legba for the great help for making me pregnant today after 4years of barrenness...More
    Posted by consuella
    Reply: Luteal Bloodwork Results post ET
    Appreciation to chief oduwa legba for the great help for making me pregnant today after 4years of barrenness...More
    Posted by consuella

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I'm Kristin (27) and my DH is Rich (30). We live outside of Philly and moved into our first home 2 years ago. We began our journey of TTC in March...More

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    TTC Abbreviations
    2WW: Two-week wait (until you can take a pregnancy test) AF: Aunt Flo(w), your menstrual period AH: Assisted Hatching (Assisting ... More
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