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    What's Happening Now

    Introduction 2016
    Hello all, just wanted to say hi! I am seeing posts from 3 years ago in my feed... is this group recent and...More
    Posted by Brookels04
    Reply: Feeding meats
    We have done the following from recipes found online: 1) -boil chicken for 30 minutes -drain and set water...More
    Posted by Brookels04
    concern for grandaughter 8 mo.
    Our daughter in law who live in NC recently posted picture of her feeding the baby hot sauce and other food...More
    Posted by An_267064
    Hard lump/knot
    Hello" my 6 month old gbaby has a hard lump/knot right above her vaginal area... I noticed it while changing...More
    Posted by GlamMom1
    Reply: 6 month yr old wants to sleep with his blanket
    I see that you had posted this 2 years ago. I am only commenting just in case other parents are wondering...More
    Posted by Liamsmommee
    Reply: When did your baby start to sit up/crawl/stand by ...
    My LO is a lil over 6 months old. He learned to Stand and kinda walk before learning to sit or crawl. He is...More
    Posted by Liamsmommee
    My 7 month old constantly is scratching his private area. He has been diagnosed with Ezema but there appear...More
    Posted by alpine81
    My 7 month old constantly is scratching his private area. He has been diagnosed with Ezema but there appear...More
    Posted by alpine81
    eating more solids
    Everyone I talk to tells me I should have moved to more solids by now. My son is 9 months old I try...More
    Posted by ninjabreadcookie
    Reply: If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of ...
    First, we feel bad for all of the misinformed parents like yourself that truly are misinformed. It has...More
    Posted by undefined
    Reply: Ear grabbing but no crying
    Hi there, I have a daughter who is almost 8 months and doing the same thing, my close friend is a nurse...More
    Posted by karrielynnl
    Reply: 7 month with 1-2 wet diapers a day!
    Hi Norah. I know it's been two years since you posted this, but I came across it by Googling. I am glad I...More
    Posted by mamaguymon
    Reply: 6 months crying baby
    She's probably teething. Give her teething toys and if she's really grumpy give her the appropriate amount...More
    Posted by kcrowder901
    Reply: Baby Fell Off A Stroller
    thank you . I feel better now More
    Posted by abbymyworld
    shot to dry up breast milk
    Can tell me what is the medicine or the shot name for drying up breast milk? Im not doing it, just want to...More
    Proud mommy to DS (7/31/11) and DD (7/18/12)
    Posted by mommyin2011
    Temper Tantrums
    Kind of concerned. My 9 month old has temper tantrums. She hits and bites. Should I be worried. What do I do...More
    Posted by An_257252
    Reply: daddy in distress!!!
    Hi bigcityhillbilly, I am on here today for the first time and wondered how your baby is doing? Did you...More
    Posted by mfdeguire
    failure to thrive
    my 7 mo baby is only in the 2% for his weight - isn't that considered failure to thrive? His MD said she...More
    Posted by An_257054
    failure to thrive
    my 7mo old is in the 2% …isn't that classified as failure to thrive?? (he is only double his birthweight)...More
    Posted by An_257054
    Reply: daddy in distress!!!
    Signs and symptoms of nonverbal communication difficulties in autismChildren with autism spectrum disorders...More
    Posted by justnthymn
    Can a 3 month old get trench mouth?
    Just an aside here, but I'm a grandmother who likes to know what this is and why a new mother wants to scare...More
    Posted by justnthymn
    Please can someone advice me, my little baby girl is 7months old.She has been stooling continually and her gums...More
    Posted by preshuz
    belly button
    I have noticed recently my 6 month son`s belly button has been bleeding. Not a lot just a little pink. There...More
    Posted by An_254940
    Reply: Baby congestion
    I give my baby Johnson's vapor bath at night. I rub baby chest rub in his chest during the day. It really...More
    Posted by arronshay92
    Reply: Baby congestion
    used nasal sprayfor my baby it helped and a humitifier More
    Posted by coultermom15
    my baby wont sleep
    my 7month old son will not sleep. he only naps maybe a hr and a half thru the day and then at night he...More
    Posted by coultermom15
    8 Month Old Not Crawing Yet
    I'm not super concerned just curious if other mom's of 8 month olds or older have babies that don't crawl...More
    Posted by all_smilez4u

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    My 7month old baby isn't sleeping through the night even after baths. What should I do?
    Posted by An_254596
    Thank you, I am in Miami, Florida. His doctor told me it was PANNICULITIS." It comes from putting his...More
    Posted by dontaya

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    I am the mom to a beautiful baby girl named Alice! She was born February 4 and has been the most beautiful part of my life ever since!

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    No stimulation
    I've read and been told that you shouldn't give your baby any stimulation when they wake up in the middle of the night. It may be hard but ... More
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