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    Parents of Tweens and Teens - Welcome to your home!

    Bundles of hormones, emotions, and insecurities. Rebellion, dating, school problems, peer and societal pressures, its our job to see these kids to adulthood. Get the support you need here!

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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Masturbating with friends
    I know this was 8 years ago and hopefully you have finally let that stick you had up your ass fall out by...More
    Posted by undefined
    Son accused of molestation
    I am lost and scared and don't know how to help him deal with this. My 17 year old son has been accused of...More
    Posted by An_249395
    hi im bridgett
    hello all im bridgett and im a bedwetter. i cant seem to break ythis habit and i want to
    Posted by bedwetbridgett14
    Hair loss for 15 year old
    My son is beginning to experience some hair loss. He is loosing it at the temples and it's thinning. He is 15...More
    Posted by madtoby
    Hair loss for 15 year old
    My son is beginning to experience some hair loss. He is loosing it at the temples and it's thinning. He is 15...More
    Posted by madtoby
    Reply: My teenager has no ambition
    I think that's a great idea! I also have an 18 year old who is set to graduate with absolutely no plans....More
    Posted by jennjiferr
    Pre-Teen has only one period in 10 months
    Hello - my 11 year had a period last June 2015 - however, she has not had any since then. I took her to the...More
    Posted by Altijay
    Reply: My son soils his pants d
    Hi, I'm sorry - this must be very frustrating for you and your son. There is a condition called,...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Teen tires easily during sports
    our son is 14yo and has played competitive sports his whole life. He looks like he is in good shape. Meaning,...More
    Posted by ahurtmh
    Reply: 12 year old step son pees and poops his pants
    Just wanted you to know there are some Mom's out there who do support and understand you. Namely, Me....More
    Posted by KBRosenblatt
    My 13 yr old has been complaining of abdomen pain for quite some time. Her only relief is a hot bath also. She...More
    Posted by shanKr
    memory loss
    Why is my 13 year old daughter losing her memory? In a matter of a week she does not remember her brother,...More
    Posted by An_267216
    memory loss
    Why is my 13 year old daughter losing her memory? In a matter of a week she does not remember her brother,...More
    Posted by An_267216
    Reply: Teen daughter has me an emotional wreck
    Sounds like she has a difficult time regulating her emotions - they come on fast and strong. Children are...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: 13 year old boy with diaper fascinations
    Why a boy becomes a Diaper Lover Hi I wrote this post for parents and their sons to understand why...More
    Posted by jasonallen122000
    Preteen with large breasts
    My daughter, who's almost 11, is about a 29E according to the chart when I measured her today. She started...More
    Posted by jazzjo
    16 Year Old just developed stuttering
    Hi, my teen,16yo, I just discovered when she speaks, she stutters and have difficulty speaking fluently....More
    Posted by justnatalie
    Reply: teenager with hot flashes
    There are many causes to get hot flashes in teens. Eating spicy foods is also one of the reasons. If your...More
    Posted by nagasahithya
    Reply: 16YO with BiPolar
    Side effects can be difficult to deal with - no doubt about it! Is your daughter doing well? Is her...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Acidophilus
    What does your doctor say?
    Posted by fcl
    Reply: 10yr Old Can't Sleep Without Me
    Sounds like he has become anxious since his Dad is not home at night You need to be calm, firm and...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    AsthmaMist Works Well For My 10 Year Old Son's Ast...
    I started using AsthmaMist 3 months ago for my 10 year old son's asthma. All of his symptoms have improved -...More
    Posted by trendyz
    Almost 12 year old nephew relates to "Voreaphillia...
    My almost 12 year old nephew recently shared his secret, that he is a Vor. Since I never heard of it...More
    Posted by auntiemame1949
    Reply: teenage son worries
    I suggest finding your son a really good adolescent psychologist. It sounds like your son is going through...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Constant nausea
    6 weeks into our disappearance of symptoms they returned. The only changes made during the time was the addition...More
    Posted by jscdi
    How do you know if you are ready to date?
    1. You want to date in order to "show" your ex. If your main motivation for firing up your love life is to...More
    Posted by An_262646
    Reply: school
    Perhaps there's something going on at school that makes him not want to go. He could be being bullied or...More
    Posted by southern_mama
    Reply: Help with my grand daughter
    She may have issues that she needs to see a therapist or counselor about. I would suggest getting her in...More
    Posted by southern_mama
    Reply: three friends .... how to help my my daughter not ...
    Right now I am having the same problem my daughter is 13 she has many friends but not a best friend this causes...More
    Posted by jankat1
    Reply: Lots of Questions - No answers. New Dr?
    What I was worried about was the possibility of bacteria/virus in the water - you wouldn't need to get very wet,...More
    Posted by fcl

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I am a Mother of 5 kids of a combined family! My 11 Year old daughter my 9 year old son my 9 year old Stepson my 8 year old Stepson and the newest add...More

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    Teen Dating Rules
    How do you handle (or plan to handle) dating in your teens and tweens? Do you have rules as to what age they can go out on one on one ... More
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