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    What's Happening Now

    give me suggestion
    just had my 20wk ultrasound and they found 2 cysts in my baby left and right kidney. i am not sure what can...More
    Posted by An_267845
    36 with Spina Bifida
    I am 36 and have L4-L5 Spina Bifida Mylomeningocele. My husband and I want to have children, but I am worried...More
    Posted by An_267828
    Success pregnancy after uterine rupture pregnancy?...
    Hello, I would like to learn about successful pregnancy after a uterine rupture pregnancy How long did you...More
    Posted by riri37
    I have a colostomy since im 16 yrs.old and now im 21' my colostomy is still here and I get pregnant what is the...More
    Posted by Vsnessa
    Reply: Looking to get tubes unclamped
    Please give me the information for this Dr thank you so much?
    Posted by undefined
    Reply: Bright bowel in ultrasound
    I bet uou went sll good!Share for other mums so non had to go be in the dark place-83D-C95
    Posted by An_267512
    Prothrombin Genetic Mutation with Low Platelets
    I am heading for wrist surgery. I have Prothrobin Genetic Mutation clotting disorder, but also have a low...More
    Posted by Lovegizmo
    Reply: pregnancy after uterine rupture?
    I had my utreus rupture at 37 weeks and unfortunately my baby did not make it. I was told by...More
    Hello im 26 yrs old first time mom and im 23 weeks expecting fraternal twins, yesterday i went to a sonogramph...More
    Posted by krisl6
    Lovenox and autism
    hi, is there any relationship between taking lovenox and autism. I have a history of dvt in my last...More
    Posted by An_266890
    Has anyone unclamped their tubes and felt normal a...
    I currently suffer from chronic tubal ligation syndrome and my doctor is willing to unclamp my tubes....More
    Posted by An_266637
    Factor 2 Mutation and Pregnancy
    Hello, I am newly pregnant and scared to death. I have Factor 2 Mutation. I also have a slough of other health...More
    Posted by RFilbin
    Factor 2 Mutation and Pregnancy
    Hello, I am newly pregnant and scared to death. I have Factor 2 Mutation. I also have a slough of other health...More
    Posted by RFilbin
    Insurance for Pregnancy
    Hello All, I am looking for advice when it comes to insurance for a potential complicated/high risk...More
    Posted by An_266542

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    Reply: Bystolic for High Blood Pressure
    This is really old but since I was searching to see about taking bystolic during my pregnancy and found...More
    Posted by Freemahyena1
    Reply: Bleeding but no cramps...
    Hi I just had the same problem I woke up in t he morning with my underwear bloody so I when to the...More
    Posted by Jasmine1234m
    Great product to reduce foot swelling
    If you're suffering from swelling during pregnancy, this sheet and pillow set elevates your legs while you...More
    Posted by An_264662
    High risk- of removal
    My son was born premature after i went into cardiac arrest then a coma from toxemia and pnuemonia, but we...More
    Posted by An_264508
    Planned pregnancy
    Planned pregnancy is important to successfully gain the expected outcome. There are many things to consider...More
    Posted by An_262631
    Was this Helpful?
    Reply: vasa previa anyone?
    How did everything turned out ? We have diagnosis 21 weeks now. C-Section planned at 35 weeks
    Posted by An_263574
    Hello I am 32 weeks pregnant and my doctor say my baby might have s cyst on her kidney should I be worried...More
    Posted by An_263526

    Take the Poll

    Is it dangerous should I be worried
    Confused worried mom :-(
    Hi there, I am currently on my 3rd pregnancy which isn't going well. My first pregnancy ended with a...More
    Posted by proudmommy0625
    Reply: Lovenox
    I recently found out I was pregnant & had to go on this medicine due to blood clots in my leg. I admit I...More
    Posted by An_263300
    Reply: lovenox during pregnancy
    HI there, i took Lovenox with my last 2 pregnancies after losing 2 pregnancies prior to these and been...More
    Posted by jenalenar
    Knot in umbilical cord
    I'm 9 months pregnant and have had so many complications, my feet and hands are red , irritated, painful,...More
    Posted by satinswhite
    child with adha and autism is there a link with ta...
    am a mother of four boys.....My first two i did not take lovenox because i did not know i had factor...More
    Posted by brittanymurphy
    Ectopia Cordis
    My husband and I are 10 weeks pregnant, but at an ultrasound performed a week ago, the Dr informed us that...More
    Posted by An_262499
    Keen And Worried
    Hi I'm Emma I'm nearly 27 and had mine done before I was 21 due to 3 c sections complications and...More
    Posted by emmsapphireryansga
    Reply: MTHFR
    Hello, I have MTHFR C677T homozygous (2 copies) and am currently a mother of a healthy 3 months baby. I had...More
    Posted by hapmom256
    Possible MoMo twins?
    We are first time pregnant, and went into our first appointment at around 8 weeks today. The doctor said she...More
    Posted by bfreebie

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    On April 4th (Easter Sunday)2010, I went into labor at 22 weeks and delivered a beautiful baby boy I named Bryce. He lived for three hours before he d...More

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