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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Does caffeine have same effect?
    I have to take Mt Dew for my ADD as well and I'm a middle aged woman who doesn't drink soda except for...More
    Posted by stephaniemhack
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Prednisone, stutter, and ADHD
    I was on prednisone for hand eczema for about a month. I also wouldn't expect anyone to know it has been...More
    Posted by howdy123
    Reply: Vyvanse abuse and addiction
    HI Crys, I'm sorry that you find yourself in this situation. There are many issues here, and I'm...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Expert-Gina Pera
    Reply: Handling shame from getting fired again, my 6th ti...
    Hi there, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. You sound as though you have much to offer, but ADHD...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Expert-Gina Pera
    Reply: Risperdal
    Hello there, Are you sure the other "psychiatric problem that is not ADHD" is actually not ADHD? ...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Expert-Gina Pera
    Reply: just diagnosed with ADHD and the doc put me on med...
    Hi again! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that! It is a testament to others that there is light...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: who do I approach?
    Hi An_267213 and thanks for posting! This is a good question for your doctor, as he/she would know the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Mrs
    Hi Corey, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. You know, a study just came out recently showing that...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Gina Pera
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Child stealing underwear at home
    My son just told me that he did it for the second time. he is 8. He said he didn't know why, or the Devil...More
    Posted by ronniedog31
    Reply: Dropping things?? Anyone?
    Yes, absolutely. What you describe is common to a subset of people with ADHD. It's important to remember...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Gina Pera

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    Reply: I prefer Phentermine....Just me???
    That's a very interesting question. I don't know of any adults with ADHD who take Phentermine. But there...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Gina Pera
    Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy
    In the past, therapy for ADHD-challenged couples has been problematic. Either it focused solely on helping...More
    Adult ADHD Expert And Author
    Posted by Gina Pera
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    Reply: How Can You Get Most Out This Community?
    I would guess that the answer would depend upon the school system you teach in. Have you asked your principal?...More
    Posted by LiKeYa
    ADD + Predenezone
    I also have had the same feelings when using prednezone for a rash. It was wonderful. I started getting much...More
    Posted by An_267696
    Hi, I dont have ADHD but I think my partner has it, I knew something was wrong with the way he acted for a...More
    Posted by An_267456
    Reply: Teenager add mood disorder autism oppisitional an...
    Look for the book on amazon: "Healing without hurting" It will help your granson.
    Posted by RoxLa

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    How do I get a clear picture of exactly is wrong with him. Which diagnose or does he have all of these issues does have. I feel as if everyone is just guessing. Wher can I get help
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    • Parents with similar problems
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    Just started adderall and I am very calm but every...
    I've recently been diagnosed with Adult ADD. The dr prescribed adderall. I am taking 15 mg XR. I am super...More
    Posted by An_267357
    Confusion about Adhd Medication
    Hi, a great ressource here for ADHD, i hope someone, can help with some suggestion about how to deal with...More
    Posted by stregoi
    Vanderbilt Test
    I have been to therapy when I was beginning high school and my therapist thought I may have ADD (not the...More
    Posted by An_267010
    Fragile X
    I writing 4 my little brother he has fragileX they have him on Risperdal, Zoloft, Depakote and they just...More
    Posted by An_266983
    Reply: Help before it ends
    Your son sounds a lot like my grandson, who is 11. He throws huge tantrums that include yelling, scrreaming,...More
    Posted by tresvick

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    what are my options?
    • Give Up
    • work harder
    • counseling (family
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    Reply: does my child have ADD or ADHD
    I don't think ADD/ADHD comes on that fast, does it? Have you checked for reasons why she's distracted, such...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: adderall
    Why would the law prohibit it? It might be that the insurance doesn't want to cover it, but I don't think the...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    adhd medication
    I have recently been formally diagnosed with ADHD and been prescribed medication for the second time in...More
    Posted by bigheartedone
    Reply: Testicular pain from adderal
    I know this is a 2 year old post. But I feel that my input will be of use. Adderall is a combo of 4 forms of...More
    Posted by undefined
    Adderal and Testicular Pain
    Are you taking Adderall? Even if you're not, I'm sure I know what the problem is. Doctors call it Retrograde...More
    Posted by An_266223
    Reply: ADD med and acne?
    I am hoping and praying that the Adderall is causing this very new cystic acne flair! I just started taking...More
    Posted by MrsErwin143
    Tight or heavy head sensation while taking Adderal...
    I am 43yo and was recently diagnosed with ASD (Aspergers) and ADHD. My Dr put me on Strattera but this did...More
    Posted by An_266119
    Reply: Need resources/med(s) for co-occuring ADHD, ODD, a...
    Oh okay, well that's good news you have an upcoming appointment with a child psychiatrist. Another...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Feet are so cold and legs feel like no circulation
    Hello just wondering about my feet....and toes....they have been ice cold for weeks and now the entire bottom...More
    Posted by perrmile

    Featuring Experts

    My foray into the field of ADHD began by chance. In 1999, I picked up a library book about the brain. And what I read changed my life and my husband&#...More

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