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    cucumbers work!
    I had hives for a year straight went to every kind of doctor and the hospital with no relief then they...More
    Posted by online134
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    Two Years Of Horrible, horrible chronic Hives
    I've read every bit of material on chronic hives and allergies on the Internet, as I bet most of you have as...More
    Posted by Walteroni
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    after poison ivy
    a few weeks ago i had the start of poison ivy. most of that has gone away but i still have red marks where...More
    Posted by blsheeler
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    My gf has had a bad rash for the past two weeks, she it started forming in Las Vegas do you guys have any idea...More
    Posted by jborres
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    Treating eczema flare-ups
    Hi. I have found out that we all carry Staphylococcus bacteria on our skin, and they can trigger sudden...More
    Posted by spottyone
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    Relief for urticaria
    I had suffered from hives for six years until one doctor (an allergist) finally discovered that it was...More
    Posted by An_246144
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    Includes Expert Content
    Relief from chronic hives--finally!
    I've had chronic hives for years. Sometimes they last for just days, usually months; also included...More
    Posted by beachcroft
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    Top to get rid of post nasal drip type issues
    I don't know of why I had was the same, but I had a similar symptom where excess mucous was causing me to...More
    Posted by MedInsight
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    Tip Title
    Should I take allergy medications everyday? Even during the months when I am feel perfectly okay
    Posted by An_244306
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    Hint on cause
    Husband has been experianceing the same symptons for months. swelling lips sometimes tounge, fingers bottom of...More
    Posted by CERAYNOR
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    Gluten Intolerance
    Hi Everyone, I am a 22 year old college student. As I'm reading your posts, I think back to when I...More
    Posted by GlutenFreeSince06
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    helpful tip
    Eucalyptus oil helps alot just put a couple of drops in some hot water and breath it in, helps alot
    Posted by An_243219
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    Natural Remedy Miracle
    Dont be fooled my doctor reccomended medications. Nature provides everything we need. For example,...More
    Posted by fieldTech007
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    Allergy tips I learned to get rid of IBS, migraine...
    I found out that my reaction to fruits and vegetables was from sulfites spayed on foods to preserve them...More
    Posted by Pat5002
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    Possible help
    in May of 2009 chronic urticaria became part of my life. Testing, testing, testing and more testing revealed...More
    Posted by acheron72
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    throat phlegm
    I just read an article for a chronic throat phlegm natural remedy. It indicated to "relax " your throat...More
    Posted by Tule22
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    regain you taste and smell
    I lost my sense of taste and smell 4 years ago and have had multiple operations as well as daily flushed my nose...More
    Posted by rik123
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    regain you taste and smell
    I lost my sense of taste and smell 4 years ago and have had multiple operations as well as daily flushed my nose...More
    Posted by rik123
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    Loss of Smell and Taste remedy
    Had 3 operations for polyps and swelling...nothing...used pulmacort to rinse out my nose.....nothing Then my...More
    Posted by rik123
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    To everyone who takes Allegra beware that in some people it will cause severe anxiety and depression ....More
    Posted by Billbillbill
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    The Best Antihistamines?
    Dr F. Batmanghelidj has found that water and salt are the best antihistamines and have NO side effects! Next...More
    Posted by Kemet2242
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    i have a swollen lip also
    went to the dentist and told him about my swollen lip, dont know why i have it, just come from no...More
    Posted by loneshewolf01
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    A natural approach to allergies
    Remember in ancient times the Chinese doctors were only paid when their patients were healthy and alive....More
    Posted by NSPwellness
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    sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, I asked my doctor for some advice. she told me to gargle with...More
    Posted by An_190802
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    im the king of this nasal problem 3 operation in 4 years i had so many ployps that i got 2 operations 9 months a...More
    Posted by mrrobd
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    Sinus help
    Insted of Saline nose spray or rince. Neti pot. And Mayo clinic even tells you how to make your own solution. ...More
    Posted by debdans
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    Helpful Tips

    Eczema CareExpert
    Emerging research has shown that skin barrier dysfunction plays a central role in atopic dermatitis. Both the involved skin and even the ... More
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