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    Exciting potential treatment for AD ? Cure
    This is the best news in 25 yrs in Alzhimer's research See: ...More
    Posted by bobstone791
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    Methods of identifying Alzheimer
    Here are two methods of identifying Alzheimer and their respective effectiveness. ...More
    Posted by jimmykahn
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    undiagnosed dementia
    I believe my step mother has dementia, my father has passed away and think this has made it even worse. Her Dr...More
    Posted by kfyke
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    Important Tips About Alzheimer's
    Here are some more information about what your loved one with Alzheimer's is going through: ...More
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    Been there.
    I am here right now with my father who has dementia. He will sometimes go off without warning and right now we...More
    Posted by poaform
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    Alzheimer's and Dementia
    Please see my response to wildstick 1 to clarify. Information also appears in my book.
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    Coconut Oil Revisited
    Hi Everyone, Just found out at a workshop yesterday given by Dr.Michael Lara that 2-3...More
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    bexarotene and alzhiemer
    Recent studies on mice suggested above mentioned drug can be used to treat Alzheimer or dementia and above...More
    Posted by RONIL2
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    How to Delay the Onset Of Alzheimer's
    Hi Everyone, In response to those of you who have written and others, here are some tips that...More
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    Resources for Alzheimer's Individuals
    Alzheimer's Assn. 800-272-3900. Local Veterans Administration (you don't have to...More
    Was this Helpful?
    When Someone With Alzheimer's Moves In With You
    What a loving and caring thing to do.There are so many things to think about that I will start...More
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    Help with Overseeeing a Shower
    Hi Everyone, It is so important for caregivers to get some help early on especially when bathing...More
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    More on Aggressive Behavior
    Hi Everyone, Many of you are dealing with the onset of aggressive behavior. Often this is caused...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Hi Everyone, I'm so gald to see that many of you find relief from sundowning after following the...More
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    Don't try to do this alone...
    Don't be a hero or a martyr. When you become the parent of your parent, or whatever situation in which you find...More
    Posted by mymyrt
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    Early detection & positive attitude
    Early detection is the key to manging AD. People need to endlessly persue a diagnosis as soon a memory problems...More
    Posted by Ttommy
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    Agitation in Alzheimer's patients
    A lot of people have posted about the Alzheimer's patients in their lives being agitated, aggressive, restless...More
    Posted by cjh1203
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    need tips- dad moving in with alzhemers
    My dad is moving this weekend with Alzheimers any helpful tips or info would be helpful.. I wish I knew...
    Posted by chrisd910
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    Taking Away Car Keys
    This is what I did for my mom who had Alzheimer's. I contacted the Dept. of Motor Vehicles and got a form off...More
    Posted by kuntzi
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    I wish I could interstand what he is trying to tel...
    My dad had a stoke in Feb. 2010 and also has Alzheimers. He is in a nurseing home here in Springfield Tn....More
    Posted by jana3914
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    Alzheimer Awareness Week- Nurture Independence
    Today, July 12th, ends Alzheimer Awareness Week and it was more than coincidental that it...More
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    Wonder how to amuse your loved one with Alzheimer
    Check out this free craft project. I have done this with a group at a nursing home where i do crafts and they...More
    Posted by jacistuff
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    "Outsmart Your Genes"--a MUST READ!
    I read "Outsmart Your Genes" by Brandon Colby MD and it was such an empowering read. I have been looking for...More
    Posted by An_190715
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    Copying and Pasting
    Posts look neater, and have less funny characters or symbols if you post them into Notepad or a...More
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    Helpful Tips

    need tips- dad moving in with alzhemers
    My dad is moving this weekend with Alzheimers any helpful tips or info would be helpful.. I wish I knew... More
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