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    Check your vitamin D level
    Just do it, you won't regret it!!!
    Posted by Stormcaller
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    Anxious... don't think, don't stop
    I always feel anxious going into places... shops, room with people, work etc I find the best thing is to...More
    Posted by Stormcaller
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    Ok so i been suffering with anxiety/panic attacks since the 70's, at one time in my life i had them daily!...More
    Posted by bernniez
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    Hot showers really help with migraines!!
    They do. (-:
    Posted by Gracie15
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    anyone with anxiety/panic/bp problems/dizziness
    just wanted to say that anyone suffering from panic attacks or anxiety to get their vitamin d levels tested...More
    Posted by An_266984
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    My experience with Effexor
    My name is Richelle, I am 26, 5'4, and weigh 139lbs. About 5 years ago I was prescribed 75mgs of Effexor and...More
    Posted by richelle15
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    My experience with Effexor
    My name is Richelle, I am 26, 5'4, and weigh 139lbs. About 5 years ago I was prescribed 75mgs of Effexor and...More
    Posted by richelle15
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    Includes Expert Content
    My driving cure
    Hi there! I've actually had this same problem from time to time, back when my anxiety/panic first became...More
    Posted by marleygirl84
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    Bentyl (Dicyclomine)
    Bentyl (generic= Dicyclomine) has been particularly helpful for me to control the anxiety diarrhea. If I...More
    Posted by BayStorm82
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    snri and benzos
    I have agoraphobia and high anxiety i am currently taking 75 mg of venlaxafine (effexor) which is an SNRI...More
    Posted by daynas1234
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    calming the beast
    Someimes when i feel my anxiety raging i take deep breaths
    Posted by An_265187
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    Includes Expert Content
    Feeling shaky?
    So for the past few weeks my mom wakes me up to drop my sister off at school but when she wakes me up i wake...More
    Posted by An_264750
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    Panic Progress
    I have severe panic attacks. I get so physically ill and used to get them nocturnally which were easy to...More
    Posted by Cheryl369
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    Panic and anxiety attacks
    Panic disorder can be related to depression. Are you depressed because you have panic disorder or do you...More
    Posted by BarbN22254
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    For the past 4 years I have been getting RED blotches on my neck, it's the most horrible thing and very...More
    Posted by An_263253
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    Anxiety Disorder in Adults
    Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some purpose in their life. for instance, you will feel disquieted...More
    Posted by christa_jocelyn
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    Yoga..deep breathing
    It does help me but you need to keep with it however. Do it in the morning.
    Posted by mikejrunner
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    Useful tip
    If you Start to get anxious Blow your tumb it helps
    Posted by nicholeong
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    Im just testing out how to use this board. I hit reply within a thread and nnothing happens?
    Posted by Jenny23503
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    keep calm
    taking it one day at a time helps me with my anxiety.
    Posted by An_260287
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    Panic Attacks
    I'm the same way everyday I worry my panic attacks are so severe that my bp will raise high for no...More
    Posted by jmane1025103325
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    Featuring Experts

    Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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    Dr. Farrell's WebMD TV videosExpert
    Dr. Farrell has a series of 12 videos that cover everything from your need for sleep, inheriting anxiety disorders, positive self-talk and ... More
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