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    itchy ears cure
    I am now CURED ! I had crazy itchy ears for 15+years... I did try almost all ( 15+doctors/Ent... ) all...More
    Posted by An_267911
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    An Answer nausia/sneezing
    This web site says that it is a reaction created by acid ruflux,activating the Vagus nerve or some thing to...More
    Posted by snkdlugos
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    An Answer nausia/sneezing
    This web site says that it is a reaction created by acid ruflux,activating the Vagus nerve or some thing to...More
    Posted by snkdlugos
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    Running in cold weather
    I try to focus on breathing in through my nose and exhaling from my mouth while running in cooler...More
    Posted by An_266328
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    Advair 250/50
    In addition to allergy injections, I use Advair 250/50 to reduce irritation from allergins.
    Posted by goldcuptrophy
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    I have heard swimming is one of the best exercise when you suffer os asthma
    Posted by An_264794
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    Pollen Counts I Can Use to Make Decisions
    Look for these Pollen Sense devices showing up in your community; they'll count, identify, and report pollen...More
    Posted by Juniperus
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    Sports Asthma
    I Have sports related Asthma. I joined the Army and we ran A LOT! the more i ran the better i felt and less...More
    Posted by An_263621
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    I ve been trying to inmporve the slight asthma i have by exercising more
    Posted by An_260469
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    to An 262993
    to the gentleman who is 65 with asthma, I to have asthma and has had it since moved to NC in 2005. I have had...More
    Posted by wwgd2015
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    ave ound that a bris walk every day helps with my symptoms More
    Posted by care224
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    Allergy Injections
    My allergy injections ahve really reduced my seasonable allergy symptoms. I recommed them.
    Posted by bill_indahouse
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    An old trick my grandma used to do
    you guys from the cold regions of United States you can put your pillows and bedding out in this cold weather to...More
    Posted by wezman
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    since ive been doing more cardio related excercise my attacks seem to have lessoned
    Posted by An_260226
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    have been working out and it seems to help me More
    Posted by diesel93
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    Daily Asthma
    Keep your inhaler on person at all times. Check the weather frequently and plan for events that you know...More
    Posted by An_259567
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    chemical irritants
    my nephew recently moved in with us, and has severe asthma. He uses an inhaler, but he was still having...More
    Posted by familyfirst25
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    Herbs to the Rescue
    My horse herbalist suggested a combination of Herbs found in a supplement called "Lung Proof" it seems to...More
    Posted by An_259458
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    Combatting easy bruising
    Hi - found that taking a nightly supplement that combines Calcium, Vitamin C and Magnesium helps a lot; also...More
    Posted by ognik
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    Naturally Manage Asthma
    Put two to three drops of pure peppermint oil into a hot steamy rag then cover over your nose and mouth. It...More
    Posted by Amy7259741
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    Thin skin
    I have been dealing with paper thin skin for several years as a result of having steroid shots in joints for...More
    Posted by An_257772
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    Feet Swelling/Itching
    I've had the problem with foot (usually around the pad of the foot) swelling for no apparent reason what so...More
    Posted by heart1care
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    Helpful Tips

    Asthma InhalersExpert
    There are several types of inhalers for asthma. Some inhalers (inhaled steroids) are controller medications that are used on a daily basis ... More
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