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    What's Happening Now

    Actually not a tip, but question
    Did anybody has experience with Detensor therapy? Friend of mine from Europe share me the successful story...More
    Posted by LewJustin
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    Reply: masturbation causes back pain?!
    Hi, Was this solved for you? I am facing the same issue and i cant find a remedy. I am tired and fed up...More
    Posted by ranjitasamyal
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: leg cramps after surgery
    I had the same surgery I have no feeling down right legoccasionally I will crawl out of bed in extreme pain...More
    Posted by undefined
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: bad lower back pain but mri was normal
    Hi I also have the same thing happening to me. I fell at work 2 weeks ago. Had MRI and x rays nothing....More
    Posted by angelamarlinda
    Reply: back,foot and wrist pain
    Why do you think the doctor thinks you are a drug seeker? Did you ask for a specific medication? What did the...More
    Posted by An_255018
    Reply: Zohydro ER, 20mg....stopped working....misery.
    Hi there and thanks for posting, I have to agree with Kat23429. Your doctor would be the best person to...More
    Posted by editor_morgan

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    Reply: Similar injury.
    Hi Bpappe, I'm so sorry that you've been experiencing so much pain. I'm really glad that you are...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: numbness stinging top left lid back shoulder blade...
    You should talk to your primary care doctor for an xray or MRI. Don't worry too much, it's easy to be afraid...More
    Posted by Kat23429
    Reply: Lower Back pain & Middle Back Pain
    My primary care physician was about to write-off my back pain due to my weight, but a neurosurgeon took me...More
    Posted by Kat23429
    Reply: 7 days and no relief
    Hello to you! I'm 31 and suffering from the same conditions you listed. I see a neurosurgeon in about a week...More
    Posted by Kat23429
    Reply: Briefcase on wheels
    Posted by An_255018
    Reply: Two short acting opioids.
    You may get more relief The dose is just higher. However, the duration is still short acting, THE HALF LIFE. ...More
    Posted by rodmed
    Reply: severe nerve root stenosis at L4-5 with moderate c...
    Posted by rodmed
    Reply: debating whether to have the spinal fusion
    I am not telling you not to, but most people i know who has, has had worse problems after the surgery than...More
    Posted by lisaglenn44
    Reply: Calling on all who have had surgery to get rid of ...
    Judy, I can relate with you. I had three surgeries on my lower back. Some physicians are like that. I'm so...More
    Posted by janetj1817
    Reply: EMG = Chronic Radiculopathy L5 S1
    Hi there. Although this is an older post, I am still suffering daily, as I'm sure the others prob are as well....More
    Posted by daneice
    Reply: New meds today
    So what so you need to know ? Took Nucynta 5 years ago, it was ugly
    Posted by bellestarr48
    Reply: Spinal Fusion
    Thank you for relating your experiences, I am facing up to a fusion at L4-5 due to a failed laminectomy...More
    Posted by badtothebone
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: bulging disc and pinched nerve
    Takin physical therapy for 3 weeks but still have pain.Neurologist recommended Cymbalta but physiatrist...More
    Posted by madart
    confused about this pain
    2 weeks ago went to er for unrelenting pain in left side back and abdomen...was sent home constipated. since...More
    Posted by An_267685
    popping in ribs tightness and tightness on the rig...
    Hello guys,[br>[br>I've have had that issue for two years. When i touch my rib area it pops when i...More
    Posted by painfree333
    Reply: My ACDF surgery
    Hello , I was in a car accident on the job and I have to have ACDF on C5,6,7 , and I'm a 51 year old female...More
    Posted by Shyann30144
    Reply: Herniated disc no insurance
    best of luck
    Posted by ladycharn
    Reply: 6 level lumbar fusion
    hi ken, wish you the best
    Posted by ladycharn
    Reply: Severe back pain
    Hi, I'm so sorry to hear of your Pain. The Shots never did a thing for me. I now have 4 Fusions in my Neck...More
    Posted by jj_spring
    Reply: Loose Pedical Screw
    I'm Happy the Pump worked for you and your out of Pain. I have one and still have to take Oral Meds. It has...More
    Posted by jj_spring
    Reply: Infuse Bone Graft Problems
    I have the same problems from 4 fusions in my neck and 2 in my lower back. I also was in so much pain I opted...More
    Posted by jj_spring
    Nerve pain in lower leg/foot as a result of disc b...
    Wonder if anyone can give me their own experiences? I'm 38 & have had problems with my back for 10 years...More
    Posted by KarenL1978
    Reply: Sciatica pain
    I've done all of those plus more. Nothing works. I feel like I going crazy. The pain is so bad I don't want...More
    Posted by Khswalker
    Sciatica - Need tips on treatment
    Hi, My father is battling Sciatica for the past month. The pain has been unbearable causing to lose sleep,...More
    Posted by FortMax

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    Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit #2Expert
    Here are the rest of the suggestions (had to break into to two parts due to the character limits) 5. Make sure that all records ... More
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