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    What's Happening Now

    temple pain
    For several weeks now, I am getting a sharp pain in my left temple. Not constant and not every day. No other...More
    Posted by An_267633
    Pediatric Brain Tumor Symptoms?
    For the 6 weeks, my toddler has been complaining about pain in the lower back part of his head every time he...More
    Posted by An_267361
    Weakness in legs after brain tumor removal
    I am writing to understand the complications after Brain tumor removal - meningioma. This is about my...More
    Posted by An_266065
    could i have a tumor?
    I am a teenage girl and I have had symptoms that could possibly indicate that I have a brain tumor. I have...More
    Posted by An_260538
    Do I Possibly Have a Tumor?
    About a year ago my speech became slightly slurred all of a sudden. Initially I assumed it was just a result...More
    Posted by boooop
    Reply: Possible brain tumor or lesion
    I believe your headed in the right direction a nuerologist my sister has ms was diagnosed at age 50 since...More
    Posted by angel10121962
    Reply: My daughter had a Brain Tumor called Juvenile Pilo...
    If according to doctors your daughter is cured from brain cancer then why are you worried. Rather than...More
    Posted by prateekindia
    Posted by rivaldo
    I am trying to find out if anyone has ever even heard anything like this,or if I am just way off my...More
    Posted by terry195753
    tia and sphenoid
    afterstroke posted:Last December, while at work, and doing my usual overworking myself, I suffered at...More
    Posted by afterstroke
    Reply: My Brain Cancer Regime Now
    This is a "TED" video on using electrical tumor treating fields you may find helpful and encouraging. Good...More
    Posted by medfaxx
    Reply: Need help determining whether this is true or fals...
    Hi kaydee89, I understand that this phase in your life can be confusing and overwhelming. I went through a...More
    Posted by truck88
    Reply: Head pain
    Hi An_188775, Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering those symtoms. I would definitely get myself...More
    Posted by truck88
    Reply: Chemo side effects
    Try the Low Glycemic diet, watch for hidden sugars on processed foods, use pharmaceutical grade supplements...More
    Posted by ArikoSan
    Reply: I just found out I have a tumor..
    I am so sorry for your condition but it sounds like you are going to make it with a tumor so small. Have you...More
    Posted by joege18
    Long term radiation damage
    I am trying to learn about long term radiation damage or over-radiation related to brain cancer and in...More
    Posted by An_247754
    Reply: are these symptoms of brain tumor
    Is the headache generalized or only occurring in a specific area? I had terrible headaches every night for...More
    Posted by sxbrown
    Reply: Hoping to hear Good News Stories - Stage 3 Brain C...
    Greetings, I was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma (stage 3) in July 2006. Here I am six plus...More
    Posted by sxbrown
    Reply: are these symptoms of brain tumor
    I have a brain tumor called meningioma. I just saw my neurosurgeon last week, and he told me they don't cause...More
    Posted by lukeperry

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    Reply: Sound in back of head-symptom of brain cancer
    Got it in my eye once or twice too.
    Posted by An_247333
    linear progression
    Does anyone know what linear deviation means? I got my last MRI report and it said although at this time...More
    Posted by Lizardoli12
    Do anyone have any information about this type of tumor,my granddaughter has this an im trying to find out all...More
    Posted by tyr44
    Reply: Alternative Cancer Treatments
    here is an excellent site for dealing with the emotional problems - Emotional Healing More
    Posted by Philip321
    Brain mass....... Is that the same thing as a tumo...
    Last year I went to the hospital because I was having very bad headaches, to the point I couldn't see straight...More
    Posted by dbswhome
    Reply: Do I have a brain tumor?
    I was twelve when my seizures appeared also, and I didn't even know what a epilepsy was and I'll be 21 this...More
    Posted by carlee91
    Glioblastoma can not be removed, were shocked!!!
    The first week of april we find out that my brother-in-law is going to be a father. His girl friend of about...More
    Posted by SDerevage
    New FDA approved brain tumor device
    I just read about the new FDA brain tumor device ???--FF. It weighs 6 pounds and is worn over the shoulders...More
    Posted by An_188776
    Meningiomas tumor - benign
    I had a brain scan as doc thought I had Trigeminal Neuralgia. Results were negative but a Meningiomas tumor was...More
    Posted by rwpeti
    treatment completed.
    I have completed 32 weeks of radaiton and chemo and now get a 28 day break from chemo. Stil waiting for results...More
    Posted by jms4800
    Reply: Cancer-- SBD
    Vitamins sounds interesting. I need more research. I am half way through radiation and will wait until I heal...More
    Posted by jms4800

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I am a 62 year old married male with 1 daughter and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiform. Originaly told I had o...More

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