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    Nipples pain
    My Baby now is four months and still have very hard pain in nipples while breast feeding I'm using silver cups...More
    Posted by omarouda
    Mastitis and decreased milk supply?
    I have recently battled mastitis after being over engorged. I started taking the antibiotic my doctor...More
    Posted by An_259862
    Breastfeeding and Donating Blood
    Is it safe to donate blood while breastfeeding? (Not at the same moment, of course) I would appreciate...More
    Posted by katherinekroes
    Had to stop breastfeeding suddenly what now?
    I had to stop breastfeeding yesterday rather suddenly, in order to take medication for my heart condition,...More
    Posted by lilysmom519
    Breastfeeding After Tooth Extraction
    I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed and I'm concerned about breast feeding my son, who will be 5 months...More
    Posted by laritamob
    How do I regain my breastmilk volume?
    Hello everyone, I would REALLY really appreciate sound advice. I'm a first time mother and really have a...More
    Posted by ambarrivcos
    8 month old not gaining weight
    Hi all My baby just turned 8 months old and is not gaining weight. At his 6 month dr apt he weighted 15 lbs...More
    Posted by Anon_59335
    Why would my neice eat from the bottle but not from te boob also why is she spitting up what looks like...More
    Posted by rebeccaborelli
    Newborn forgetting how to latch?
    I'm having some stressful situations! My one month old seems to 'forget' how to latch properly after...More
    Posted by brwilliford14
    Newborn forgetting how to latch?
    I'm having some stressful situations! My one month old seems to 'forget' how to latch properly after...More
    Posted by brwilliford14
    Breastfeeding & Diaper Rash
    I can't figure out what is causing such bad diaper rashes on my 2 month olds sensitive butt. This...More
    Breastfeeding and exercise?
    Hi everyone, I just had my 3rd child 5 weeks ago and am 100% breastfeeding. I gained around 55 lbs with this...More
    Posted by bfaith5
    Cow milk / bovine protein allergy in exclusively b...
    Hi I have a 2 years old daughter that was diagnosed with a bovine protein reaction (colitis, including...More
    Posted by An_255788
    should i breastfeed..will it hurt?
    had a baby on the 5th on this month. and i told the nurses i wanted to try to breastfeed but the said...More
    Posted by abigaillea1234
    Pumping breast milk
    I am 35 weeks and I am leaking milk is it safe to start pumping now so that I can build up a storage of...More
    Posted by amandalynn06
    Back to Work Mom
    Hi Everyone! I am recently back to work and trying to pump has been very erratic. I am afraid that my crazy...More
    Posted by jsoldi720
    Round red patch next to nipple
    Hi there, I have been exclusively breastfeeding for the past 8 months and noticed a few weeks ago a round...More
    Posted by An_255084
    Head cold while breast feeding
    Is there anything that I can take to help a really congested sinus without hurting my baby or milk supply? We...More
    Posted by suzanmae
    massage for boost milk supply
    Infant was born almost a month ago. However breast milk from my wife is not affluent. My wife get a...More
    Posted by An_254691
    trying to wien
    How do I stop breastfeeding?
    Posted by colleenmc
    Doctoral Breastfeeding Study
    My name is Karen A. Nash, I am a doctoral candidate at Walden University. I am conducting dissertation...More
    Posted by kanash1961abd
    Gaining weight while breastfeeding
    I've been breastfeeding my son for almost 16 months and I don't see him weaning anytime soon. My problem is...More
    Posted by gabyannek
    Lymphedema and Breast Feeding
    I'm trying to conceive for the first time. One of my concerns is breast feeding with Lymphedema in my right...More
    Posted by natalia321
    burning sensation while breastfeeding
    Hi everyone, For the last three days I have had a burning feeling while breastfeeding my 5 week old. It...More
    Posted by Anon_59335
    baby refusing to breast feed
    hi.. i have a four month old baby, i started formula feeding her with Nestle Naan after i realized that i have...More
    Posted by radhu
    Weaning and severe breast pain
    My youngest will be one on Tuesday and we also have a seven-year-old. I nursed my oldest for one year and...More
    Posted by An_253835
    Can I depend on breastfeeding only without introdu...
    Can I depend on breastfeeding only without introducing any solid food If I give it medicine with calcium and...More
    Posted by An_253829

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    Can I depend on breastfeeding only without introducing any solid food after 6 months?
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    spit up
    My baby is 2months old and breastfeeding, I burp her immediately after feeding (and she burps) and still...More
    Posted by emmyzmommy
    Please Help - Milk supply turned to zero after 8 d...
    I have a 11 days old baby whom I have been feeding on breast milk. Since his 8th day the milk production in my...More
    Posted by Anne555
    Breastfeeling and Gall Bladder Attacks
    Wondering if the gas pains associated with Gall Bladder attacks can be passed along to baby through mom's...More
    Posted by BChurchill

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    I am 36 y/o and I am truly blessed to have 2 beautiful and brilliant girls. My eldest is turning 9 this March and my youngest is 26 m/o. I am a proud ...More

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