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    Sticky Post Come Join the WebMD Caregiving Community!
    Hello Community Members, We would like to invite you to join us in our new WebMD-moderated Caregiving...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    when to panic re: my husband's conditions
    My husband has diabetes, copd and chf. I am his caregiver and I worry that I will miss some critical change...More
    Posted by An_267613
    Reply: Parkinson's Disease and alone
    I think, your are surfing internet for get your favorite teams match Jamie Kavanagh vs Andres Navarro live...More
    Posted by livepctv25
    Caregiver burnout
    One year ago, my wife had a stroke. It was in the Pons area of the brain, so she is functional, except for...More
    Posted by An_254509
    Reply: Sole caregiver at 66 for 90yo mother in my home......
    Hi there, Now you have got enough time to free yourself from all busy schedules and this is the time to...More
    Posted by jennielquinn
    Sole Caregiver/Burn-Out
    My father-in-law came to live with us in 2007 . He had a Front Lobal Bleed . When we called him in Dec/06...More
    Posted by marly26
    Parkinson's Disease and alone
    Hello, I hope that this message finds you well and healthy. Does anyone have any advice, I am battling with a...More
    Posted by An_252678
    My sister 49 has crohns.she was on humra pen for 3 yrs she has moved here to Ohio and can't get into a dr....More
    Posted by Dee5246
    skin of penis problem(atty layer under the skin of...
    I have some problem with my skin of the penis.It needs moisturizing continously due to friction with my clothes...More
    Posted by omarali

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    my skin of the penis needs moisturizing continously due to friction with my clothes and legs.IF I didn't moisturise the skin of penis ,the skin adhere to underwear and i feel pain with skin and i quickly moisturize and roll it .fatty layer underpenis skin is very reduced
    • what drug i use
    • botex possible in this condition
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    Tips for properly moving my stroke patient
    I have been a caregiver for 5 years,and have just taken on caring for a stroke recoverer. Her husband has...More
    Posted by helperchic
    Reply: Worried about my father's wellbeing as Mom's careg...
    I feel so sorry for you. I was a predicament like this and now that it looks past the point where your parents...More
    Posted by poaform
    Reply: Am I wrong?
    BTW he is 80 yrs old. I also was the only Caregiver for his Mom who died of Cancer 11 yrs ago.
    Posted by measha111
    Am I wrong?
    My FIL has his voice box taken out due to Cancer. For 4 weeks I suctioned out his lungs from 6 or more times...More
    Posted by measha111
    Moms stroke
    Hi, My Mom is 58 she has always worked, and had a very active social lifestyle. Two years ago she suffered...More
    Posted by Amalee1977
    Oral care for my husband
    My Husbavd is in the later stages of alz. He resides in an assisted living home . We are...More
    Posted by An_245198
    Hey community. My name is Britney and I am 27 years old. 3 years ago my mother moved out of the house...More
    Posted by bhenderson0684
    Reply: Mom has Alzheimer's and having TIA strokes
    wow ...I just today heard of palliative care ..sounds good. But the quality of life needs to be considered...More
    Posted by lajelo1964
    appetite stimulant
    Posted by lajelo1964

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    Hi i'm new to this community. My mother was recently placed in a nursing home due to a possible secondary stroke. She is now refusing meals and they are suggesting intubation feeding. does anybody know of anything else to stimulate appetite.
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    • natural stimulatn
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    Reply: Post-stroke Quality of Life
    you guys have plan of moving her in a long term care facility? You may take her in an assisted living to...More
    Posted by orangetwist
    Reply: Dads strokes
    You may try long term care insurance , there are some insurers who accept cases of stroke.More
    Posted by orangetwist
    Reply: Questions to Ask About Nursing Homes
    Thanks for sharing Andie! Long term care is a serious issue many Americans are facing today. the...More
    Posted by orangetwist
    Reply: Taking care of Father in law
    love your honesty. i believe you start feeling like you are starting to lose your husband because he is more...More
    Posted by An_241523
    Reply: Need some Advice - PLEASE
    I also been in the same situation with my mom. At 66 she acquired dementia. Im thje youngest (out of 6...More
    Posted by orangetwist
    Reply: New to group - needing support
    Hello, I too have just discovered this group and am relieved to read the stories of other people facing...More
    Posted by lebosired
    Reply: What are my rights as a caregiver who`s patient is...
    Oh,on the above,as I was writing,i got a message & believe a sentence was blipped out which was the...More
    Posted by moebutterfly

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    Do caregivers have any legal rights when client has gone to nursing home and they have been sole person in their life for few years?
    • Yes but you must prove the above to be true.
    • Ask an attorney.
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    Reply: can i receive payment for being a caregiver while ...
    I was wondering about that myself because someone told me i could get paid to take care of my husband since he...More
    Posted by wpooh27
    Reply: Caregiver of husband with COPD and asthma
    I dont really know what to say other than i know how it is to take care of a husband that is sick, we are not...More
    Posted by wpooh27
    late-stage alzheimers & obesity
    We've been caring for my MIL for about 4 months now in our home. Previously she'd been at a nursing facility...More
    Posted by jdwwrd10
    have been married for 27 yrs my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in feb 2010 and in 2011 it came back...More
    Posted by denisecg

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I am a 32 year old female whom has been a caregiver for my husband. He was in a toxic chemical accident at his work and now has cervical disc disease,...More

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