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    What's Happening Now

    New lipid-lowering drugs help patients reduce LDL ... More
    Posted by iride6606
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    Fasting before a cholesterol test
    Interesting................ More
    Posted by iride6606
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    Fasting before a cholesterol test
    Interesting............ More
    Posted by iride6606
    Too Much 'Good' Cholesterol Linked to Early Death More
    Posted by iride6606
    Too Much 'Good' Cholesterol Linked to Early Death More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: Atorvastatin Side effects
    Hi there, Here are the side effects of Atorvastatin . It says that if you are experiencing severe...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Cholesterol control
    Hi there and thanks for posting, Look how far you've come! I'm so happy to hear that you are making...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Statins: could they decrease death risk in four mo...
    Thank you for always sharing such interesting information. I enjoy reading up on what you post!
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Atorvastatin Side effects
    My doctor prescribed Atorvastatin 40 mg for me. My cholesterol was elevated at 122 and I had a CT-Calcium...More
    Posted by An_267792
    Rethinking Cholesterol's Role in Heart Disease
    "Is cholesterol the chief culprit behind heart disease? For decades, Americans have been told that to lower...More
    Posted by surfoahu
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    PAD patients on statins may have lower amputation,...
    Very good news; A 33 percent lower risk of amputation and 29 percent lower risk of death among PAD...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Heart attack and stroke risk from hypertension red...
    Research suggests that combining statins for cholesterol with blood pressure medications reduced the risk of...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: Once Promising Cholesterol Drug Fails...
    The article says the drug lowered LDL by an average of 37%, yet no effect on clinical events.
    Posted by surfoahu
    HOPE-3: Statins Lower CV Events in Intermediate-CH...
    At a late-breaking clinical-trial session here at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2016 Scientific...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Global study lays groundwork for daily statin usag...
    In an effort to reduce cardiovascular disease, which causes 18 million deaths globally per year and affects...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: Starting the cholesterol-lowering drugs EARLIER 'c...
    Correction to typo: But that does NOT mean the product they are selling will perform as perceived. It could be...More
    Posted by surfoahu
    Cool animation on heart disease death rates in US....
    This is really neat. Animation tracking heart disease death rates in the US. ...More
    Posted by surfoahu
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    Reply: Wrong Data Published in Favor of Statins
    Again, do you read what you post? You "headline" misleads, this guy is taking about one interpretation of one...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: High Cholesterol pain
    I am not sure what you are getting at. You indicate that you don't have any pain, but ask about pain? As to...More
    Posted by billh99

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    also take CQ-10 with my medication helps relieve alot of the pain helps dissolve it better in your system More
    Posted by An_267209
    Reply: Ongoing PAIN after carotid surgery?
    Hi there, I know it's been awhile but I have been searching the Internet to find someone that has the same...More
    Posted by Mazelb13
    Reply: 29% Reported Muscle Pain and Weakness on Statins
    A couple observations, first is again proving you don't read beyond the headline or that disclaimer would...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: #1 Risk Factor for Heart Disease.
    Interesting answer Bill! Haha! Ok, let me rephrase my question. For those of us who already are born and...More
    Posted by surfoahu
    Reply: Statins Reduce Proteinuria, Mortality in CKD Patie...
    Not to anyone who reads the article. You are the one trying to read a different meaning into the intent of...More
    Posted by iride6606
    Reply: The Failure of Vytorin and Statins to Improve Card...
    You have the answer in your post, the good doctor is selling books. The data does not support his position,...More
    Posted by iride6606

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    Statin use is generally safe, and NOT associated with cancer and myopathy
    This network meta-analysis study provides evidence on the comparative tolerability and harms of individual statins. Overall, statins as a ... More
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