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    pulsatile tinnitus
    got swooshing and shrk shrk shrk sound in my right ear on 26 august 2016 when wake up in the morning and...More
    Posted by tenderloinus
    Sore throat 8 days after endoscopy
    Hi. I was hospitalized on Wednesday August 17th for vomiting, dehydration, and diarrhea, and rapid weight loss....More
    Posted by Pvoice
    how to do the Endoscopy treatment?
    Many of the people are suffering from stomach pains due to the gas and acidity problems. for this people ...More
    Posted by anjienut
    Ear, Nose & Throat community
    My problem started in June when I had severe pressure in my head and dizziness. I had a left inner ear...More
    Posted by An_267879
    HOW DO I FIX???
    Posted by MOTHER922
    Sore throat for almost 9 weeks post flu
    9 weeks ago I had the flu and post that had a severe sore throat and cough. I went to the GP and he...More
    Posted by Adibeti12
    Severe Sinus infection,now moved to chest???
    Last week i ended up in the emergency room very dizzy,headaches and extremely fatigues.A Ct scan and...More
    Posted by AnthonyC508
    Non retraced ear drum, Ear feels full, Dizzy, Can'...
    Hello - I flew 3 times in 24 hours and now can't clear my right ear. I have a PE tube in my left ear for an...More
    Posted by earmarc
    Periodic outer ear pain in Tragus
    A few times a month I get a pain in my right tragus. It lasts a few hours each time. It hurts to bend over,...More
    Posted by An_267865
    Echo in my ear whilst hearing high pitched noises
    Hello. I wonder if you could help me. When I hear high pitched noises, like falling cutlery or banging hammer,...More
    Posted by Jirtak
    Ear echoing
    I've had a cold for about a week and my right ear felt like it needed to pop. I did what I have always done...More
    Posted by An_267839
    For Mr. Moser:I had my ears microsuctioned 10 days ago. One ear since then feels clogged/muffled hearing. Went...More
    Posted by Elliniki
    Follow up
    Just yesterday, my "kazoo" began right after "one more suction" pass by an ENT who was removing wax...More
    Posted by TheTacoMonster

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    Sinus infection with no symptoms
    My sinus issues started literally years ago. When I was about 13 I had a very vibrant yellow mucus drip from my...More
    Posted by ColeU95
    Crackling noise in ear
    I had swimmer's ear last year during the winter and ever since the infection i have crackling noises in both...More
    Posted by An_267786
    Tinnitus after tympanoplasty surgery
    Hi, I had my Tympanoplasty on Jan 6 ,2016 and there is still tinnitus. Doctor is saying he is not sure when...More
    Posted by amishah11
    Clogged ears and head pressure
    I am very prone to allergies so really didn't think anything of it but now driving me crazy. My ears became...More
    Posted by amyloukat44
    Hearing loss
    Im 24 years and from Nepal. Its been 4 years that i have lost my entire hearing on right ear. Im a guitar...More
    Posted by An_267779
    Flue vaccine
    Any problem in accidentally getting flu vaccine twice in less than a month- age 25-35
    Posted by An_267777
    Why does my ear hurt after running?
    When I run for an hour or more my ears will clog and sometimes I will have an earache for a day or so after...More
    Posted by An_267771
    Hearing loss after shooting one roundwith ear plug...
    Hi, I was at a skeet shooting range six days ago, and I was wearing inadequate 17 decibel custom earplugs. I...More
    Posted by Infern0
    strained neck and throat
    Hi, I came home wed night after work with a sore neck. I felt like I pulled something. I woke up Thursday and...More
    Posted by amber6110
    What can I eat after Endocopy
    Hi! I had an Endoscopy on Monday July 18,2016 I am really so tired of eating just yogurt and I never thought I...More
    Posted by LAA728
    swollen jowl affecting ear
    just out of the blue I noticed swelling around my jowl area underneath my ear but kind of on my neck.It's...More
    Posted by belinda71
    inner ear vibration
    I just developed an inner ear vibration. Right after a yawn, something in my right inner ear will quickly...More
    Posted by healthy_x
    Adult ear problems
    I am 31 and I have always have ear problems. It's not an earache it just feels like there might be liquid in...More
    Posted by Arkham84

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