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    8 years suffering tensor tympani/stapedius
    In Spring 2008, under much life stress, my right ear started clicking. That is my way of describing it to...More
    Posted by Krystal70
    Itching and draining ears
    I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and I have had this itching in both ears for weeks now. They just out of...More
    Posted by unitbaby1275
    Middle Ear Tumor
    Question? I had my surgery done on Monday everything went great . But went I went home on the 2 day my...More
    Posted by Cajunmom71
    White patches on posterior wall of oropharynx
    Dear all, since some years, i suffer from acid reflux which puts me in constant pharyngitis. I was checking...More
    Posted by peppe271
    Ringing in the ears
    Hi, Dr. Moser I have be diagnosed with tinnitus, I developed the symptoms the next day after received the...More
    Posted by zanialewis
    Pain after Ear suction
    Hello, It was my first time to have a procedure when it comes to my ear..After for almost 6 hours, I felt pain,...More
    Posted by Kleine
    vibrations in ears
    yesterday night my head started feeling strange and then i could feel vibrations when i heard any noise...More
    Posted by honeybee24
    Pain and Crackling in left ear
    a couple weeks ago I was wrestling around and ever since then I have had severe pain and crackling in my...More
    Posted by Jennifer62106
    Ear infection
    Hi my name is Brenda. I've been having ear infections again. I'm getting concerned with them. I had a...More
    Posted by An_267270
    Ear aches and not eatting
    Ok, so my DS who is 2.5. has constant ear infections to where its bleed 2 times because of it. they said...More
    Posted by bear1106
    hiv scared to death
    Hello, My girlfriends mother stayed wit me and my wife for three months. She's not a very clean person with...More
    Posted by An_267235
    Sinus infection going on 3 weeks
    I've been experiencing occasional lightheadedness when standing or sitting. I went to my doctor and they told...More
    Posted by An_267219
    Alcohol and Vinegar solution for ears
    I have always had itchy ears which I am guessing could be a product of allergies. I always feel as...More
    Yellow liquid from nose
    I was sleeping with my head down while sitting down in the bus then I was suddenly woken up by a couple...More
    Posted by reginapanergo1
    Chronic Ear Discomfort When Temperatures Change
    Hi everyone, In 2011, I was laid up for 13 months with a severe infection. It started in my sinuses and...More
    Posted by SirenSighing
    Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
    My PCP diagnosed me with BPPV on 3/2/16. She said she would schedule an appointment for me to have an Epley...More
    Posted by faile486
    Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
    My PCP diagnosed me with BPPV (3/2/16), and said she wuold schedule an appointment for an Epley maneuver for...More
    Posted by faile486
    For the past year I've been going in to see my family physician on a regular basis to have my throat looked...More
    Posted by Paula2855
    Aspergillus Niger
    I am having the same issue. My dr said the treatment is alcohol and vinegar 1:1. It put me in excruciating...More
    Posted by cevans123
    coughing fit then one sneeze
    hi there i have a coughing fit throw up then sneeze this is happening alot over the last week is it normal...More
    Posted by melodyjones
    Strange sensation on side of my throat
    History: 65 year old male, non smoker, occasional drinker. No none current health issues. Only medication is...More
    Posted by An_267136
    Are these Uvula Papillomas? Possible Cancer?
    Hello, I am a mid-age man. It's been at least a couple of weeks now I have been feeling a sensation when I...More
    Posted by Romeo166
    Swallowing Problems
    She nice I was in High School I have had trouble swallowing specifically food getting stuck just below my...More
    Posted by sgarttexan
    Causes and treatment for lump behind ear
    The most common causes of lumps behind the ear are Acne, Lymphadenopathy, Infection, Lipoma, Cysts,...More
    Posted by joycee_bastain
    Sinus infection that won't go away!
    Hello, I have a sinus infection that won't go away. I've had it since September. I've been on 17 courses of...More
    Posted by AlyM725
    Asymmetrical Tonsils
    Greetings, I am a 40 year old healthy male, non-smoker and occasional drinker (<=1 per week). I went for...More
    Posted by An_267085
    weird noise in head
    I was brushing my hair and everything I would stroke me head near the left it makes a weird noise l ike a...More
    Posted by An_267076
    weird noise in head
    I was brushing my hair and everything I would stroke me head near the left it makes a weird noise l ike a...More
    Posted by An_267076

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    Help me some one please i need help with my son
    My son is 10 months old and when he was a month he had hopping cough and i took him to the doctors 3 times and they didnt pick up on it so ... More
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