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    Reply: Emotional Cheating
    Do you have messenger or facebook? I think we can help each other. I am going through the same thing as you...More
    Posted by lostgirl11
    Reply: Emotionally Cheating
    Personal opinion, It will take time, and work, when he asks questions about it, don't deflect or become...More
    Posted by navcaru
    Reply: So much potential!
    I forgot to add, Ive had some libido issues for a few years now and it always helped to have a mistress on...More
    Posted by navcaru
    Did I just lose the love of my life?
    My boyfriend of two and a half years and I decided recently that it was best if we ended things. We both...More
    Posted by tiny1111
    Reply: I need some emotional venting...
    he cant be that great of a guy, everyone knows, you dont carry on with the oppisite sex when you are in a...More
    Posted by desiree66
    Reply: Emotionally Cheating
    Thank you. Yeah it's been very bumpy the past few months. I think we have come to a mutual decision...More
    Posted by HurtAndConfused
    Reply: Husband Unemployed - Need Advise
    feel your pain. my fiance has been unemployed for 5 years. that was when he suffered a severe eye injury....More
    Posted by kisergina72
    Sounds like you don't want to be with him anymore. I would break up now and move on to someone you want to be...More
    Posted by Laughter0
    he just has to show u that u can trust him again. im having the same promblem as u. this is what i do i check...More
    Posted by emmmy25
    I need help...
    I need help on my relationship...I have a boyfriend who likes me A LOT. He's very nice and very generous, but...More
    Posted by An_242343
    Reply: cheating???
    I am right where you are at now, I just recently found out my husband of 21 years have been using online porn...More
    Posted by wife50
    Reply: weird fetishes
    It has something to do with a fork, a horse, a wig, and alot of noise.
    Posted by An_240094
    Reply: My girlfriend might be bi
    There are medications that can be taken for that.
    Posted by An_229031
    re: hello this is sean cameron
    Hello I have a material question? how do I get back into my wifes life after having problems in our marriage....More
    Posted by stcamero
    Reply: Thinking for myself
    I wanted to add some more. What person believes is right or wrong can change with age and experience. Does...More
    Posted by An_229025
    Reply: Age Gap
    Age is just a number, but none of your life goals match with what he is telling you he wants out of life....More
    Posted by 3point14
    Reply: Relationship and children
    Some people do put their children first. I put my wife first. I always tell her that I chose her, I picked...More
    Posted by An_229027
    Reply: how can i make my husband understand that its not ...
    It sounds like he has a problem with telling the truth. This problem did not start just when you became...More
    Posted by An_229020
    Reply: Suspicious behavior
    They are not his size are they?
    Posted by An_229019
    way for couples to cope
    what can a couple do to help out their relationship .after the girl had cheated on him alot of time with...More
    Posted by An_229039
    Reply: Emotional Cheating or Actual Cheating?
    Anon 31159, I feel your pain. I know everybody says that but I do. I was married to ten years to who I thought...More
    Posted by anditc
    Survey for Medical or Mental Health Professionals
    Hello, My name is Amanda and I am a junior at Bentley University. I am currently taking a course on...More
    Posted by eytana_girl
    Reply: Hey lelila02!
    Yes, I didn't realize there was another board. We shouldn't have more than one.
    Posted by lelila02
    Reply: Coping with Stress
    Lelila, I don't know if you're aware that there's another board called Couples Coping, that was created on...More
    Posted by cjh1203
    Just wanted a clean place to post
    I just wanted a clean place to post. I hope this was a good place to start.
    Posted by lelila02

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