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    6 MP + Vit. D Lactose free milk + Double Strength ...
    I was diagnosed with moderate UC 5 years ago. I had tried all the standard treatments i.e. Asacol,...More
    Posted by heatherjazz2012
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    Crohn's Cure - Fecal Transplants Saved My Life!!!
    I was very ill with Crohn's for years and finally tried Sky Curtis's protocol for doing fecal...More
    Posted by FriendlySurvivor
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    Joint Pain
    For those posting with arthritic problems and joint discomfort, I have lymes disease and fibromyalgia. Like...More
    Posted by perriella
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    I have suffered all my life with the abouve problem. Perimenopause even made it worse. For the last 6 months...More
    Posted by terrichadn
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    Bacon is good!
    Baconator (hold the bun) has helped me get through many flairs. I found that the low-residue diet that you...More
    Posted by Claytonium
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    Prednisone short term versus long term use!
    Predinisone can be a very helpful anti-inflammatory drug when used over the shortest term use that is...More
    Posted by rhkress428
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    Crohn's and Ostomy Information
    Awesome Find!!!!! This website gives information about...More
    Posted by mic99
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    That Backache and some relief
    Buy a good heating pad that shuts off. Make a fleece cover for it, it's washeable. Make or buy some rice or...More
    Posted by An_239822
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    That Backache and some relief
    Buy a good heating pad that shuts off. Make a fleece cover for it, it's washeable. Make or buy some rice or...More
    Posted by An_239822
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    For that tender/burning/pain from too much diarrhe...
    When you get tender, painful and/or burning on your rear end from too much diarrhea or leaking, try putting a...More
    Posted by AzJohnny
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    Vitamin D and Crohn's
    Encouraging article that discusses Vitamin D supplements and the link with improved symptoms of Crohn's...More
    Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone.  
    That Girl
    Posted by everydayizagift
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    Assistance for Medical Expenses
    Many with a diagnosis of Crohn's or Colitis are unable to work or enjoy many social or physical...More
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    UC tip. Take Ginger pills or drink juice with Ging...
    Posted by An_183852
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    rough life with crohns
    too am being sent to a "Crohns" speclist just waiting for my appt in dallas. i've have had surgery an...More
    Posted by westtexasmomma
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    Life Insurance Disability Waiver
    I'm not sure how many of us are on Social Security Disability (or any kind of disability for that matter),...More
    Posted by mindyj1971
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    low potassium
    I have had low potassium for over two years on and off. I am now on potassium every day (and yes, they are...More
    Posted by jmunson
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    vitamin B
    Have a simple B12 test done. I had surgery when I was 15 for a perforated jejunum. Fast forward to age 40 and...More
    Posted by wibbwebb
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    Foods to Avoid
    What foods do you avoid in order to keep your Crohn's disease from flaring or when in a flare to...More
    Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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    Managing Crohn's Disease-Share your Tips
    Newly-diagnosed or old pro-you have important tips to share and learn on how to manage day-to-day...More
    Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I do have many other health issues I am dealing with besides my type 2 diabetes and Lilly my permanent ileostomy. I have been diagnosed with the foll...More

    Helpful Tips

    Pamper your Bum... As often as Possible
    Most of you have heard this, but for you Newbies.. Trust me on this tip. Pamper your Bum, to keep your bum from getting raw and sore use ... More
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