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    What's Happening Now

    I hate myself
    I hate myself I hate everything about me I just want to die I'm fat I'm ugly I'm poor I live in the worst...More
    Posted by Nemesis123
    I hate myself
    I hate myself I hate everything about me I just want to die I'm fat I'm ugly I'm poor I live in the worst...More
    Posted by Nemesis123
    Am I the only one?
    Hi.. I have the fear that their is no afterlife, therefor I am only a child. I lied my age, yes, because I...More
    Posted by An_267877
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    Am I the only one?
    Hi.. I have the fear that their is no afterlife, therefor I am only a child. I lied my age, yes, because I...More
    Posted by An_267877
    Was this Helpful?
    Hello. I didn't think I would ever have to go through this but yet here I am. Lately I have been feeling very...More
    Posted by An_267871
    Reply: Depressed 19 year old daughter
    Hi Danie5, I'm so sorry that you've had to watch your daughter go through this. I completely understand...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Deteriating health, Mental and Physical
    Hi needsomefun, Please let me share with you my favorite quote. "Happiness is beneficial for the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: problems
    Hi daynas1234, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through this. Agoraphobia is such an...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Bipolar depression
    Hi there and thanks for posting, Daynas1234 brings up a good point. Have you spoken to your doctor...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: I feel death is my only answer
    hey i understand as i can see no end to it. maybe this is the way we are suppose to go? but it is hard to...More
    Posted by bigthecat
    Reply: Depression
    There are a number of places that you can begin to find support. The first is your primary care doctor. If...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Reply: Sad
    It sounds like you are doing so many things right -- exercising, volunteering, socializing, keeping up with...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Reply: I need someone who understands
    I am also depressed and have anxiety and agoraphobia where most the time i don>t leave the house and if i...More
    Posted by daynas1234
    Reply: My husband told me he'd wake up sometimes not reme...
    No, my hubby was not prescribed any medications. And he hates taking them, too. I wouldn't think that seeing...More
    Posted by chteacher
    Drug metabolism
    While I understand WebMD does not and can not dispense medical advice, I'm hoping there might be some insight...More
    Posted by An_267806
    early morning waking with panic
    I am currently taking trintellix and xanax, prescribed by my internist. I have an appointment in a fe months...More
    Posted by chteacher

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    What to do about early morning waking with panic
    • deep breathing
    • prayer
    • turn clock away
    • stretching
    • get up and take something
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    Reply: what is wrong with me?
    I, too, am 57. I am so sorry for all the health issues you are going through. I wanted to reply so when you...More
    Posted by chteacher

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    Any help out there?
    • no idea
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    Reply: Adult Bulimic Child with Lifelong Depression
    I am sorry to hear this about your daughter. It sounds like she has multiple issues going on. Please don't...More
    Posted by cswilson
    Bipolar depression
    Effexor causes me to sweat excessively from my head I am a women is there other medicine( took paxell went...More
    Posted by An_267785
    Reply: Stomach Sinking Feeling
    I have anxiety, and I often get that sinking feeling you are talking about; often it borders on nausea,...More
    Posted by magnusmalermann
    Reply: Masturbation
    I am a male and have done my fair share of masturbation. It has never caused me back pain. However, I suppose...More
    Posted by An_267781
    Reply: Medication problems
    first of all I would question whether you preformed the drug test correctly The odds are so low of a pharmacy...More
    Posted by An_260948
    Reply: Depression and OAB-overactive bladder
    Hi. I don't have OAB, but I did from 2004 to 2016 as long as I was on anti-depressants. During the day,...More
    Posted by magnusmalermann
    Reply: How do I deal with memory loss caused by my depre...
    Are you able to see a physician about your depression? If your mom came along, the physician could...More
    Posted by magnusmalermann
    Reply: HELP
    Hi. I have not heard of Celexa being used for overactive bladder, but I would not be surprised if it...More
    Posted by magnusmalermann
    Reply: Sinking feeling
    Hi. This sounds like what happens to me when my anxiety acts up. I get anxious, and this makes my...More
    Posted by magnusmalermann
    Depression and OAB-overactive bladder
    I have OAB and I was prescribed IMIPRAMINE and told to take it at night because it does make you sleepy. It is...More
    Posted by k112233
    Reply: Depression - help!
    I feel u. Been on and off of them for about the same time and these last few weeks it's one thing after...More
    Posted by bigmeanmom
    Reply: My 18 yr old hospitalized
    Hi Kristenvic, I think the best thing you can do for her now is just be there for her and in case she's...More
    So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.
    - Stephen Chbosky
    Posted by behapppy118
    Reply: Random rant, but can anyone relate?
    don't know how you do it. maybe you could stay with your parents for awhile until you figure something out? More
    Posted by cabswrub

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    iPhone app that helps me stay active
    I've been using the "Feel Good Tracker" iPhone app to track my activities and to rate how good the activity made me fell. I find that doing ... More
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